Office of Research & Planning

Fostering and Supporting Institutional Effectiveness

Research & Planning promotes continuous quality improvement through Annual Program Review, long-range planning processes, integrated planning, and evaluation including supporting Outcomes Assessment and providing data and research that inform decision-making. 

Flow Chart for Integrated Planning


Research and Planning Staff


Located in Cloud Hall, Room 324A, Main # (415) 239-3015

Pamela Mery, Ed.D., Dean of Institutional Effectiveness,

Vacant, Management Assistant


Located in Cloud Hall, Room 330, Main # (415) 239-3015

Darryl Dieter, Director of Research,

Cherisa Yarkin, Ph.D., Director of Planning,

Liz Leiserson, Senior Research Analyst,

Micheline Pontious, Research Analyst,

Katie Mills, Research Analyst,

Matthew Weisinger, Research Analyst,


Faculty SLO Coordinators

Craig Kleinman, SLO Coordinator,

Janey Skinner, SLO Coordinator,

Dave Stevenson, SLO Coordinator,

Andrea Niosi, Student Services SLO Coordinator,