ESL Pathways to Careers in Health and Childcare


One of the principal reasons that English language Learners (ELL) give for taking English classes is that improved English skills allow them greater access to promotion and other employment opportunities. CCSF is the largest employment trainer in the Bay Area, with more than 170 Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate programs and departments.  However, English learners often don’t know about these training opportunities and they don’t understand how to access CTE courses and certificate programs.

The ESL Department, in an effort to improve access to CTE programs for ELLs, identified two programs — Health and Child Development — which are suitable for ELLs because of labor market need and program accessibility and length. Working with instructors in the two fields, the ESL Department created the following pathways documents to assist ELLs in planning for training and employment in these high growth fields.

The two employment areas were chosen for a number of reasons.  Employment in these fields is in high demand in the Bay Area and employment projections predict they will continue to grow in the coming decades.  Both fields need and benefit from  bilingual working professionals, both have relatively short-term training programs and both offer certificates upon completion of training.

These pathways charts help ELLs understand the career pathways available to them and assist them in long-term educational planning.