Accessing SLOs

Looking for accurate course Student Learning Outcome (SLO) information?

To access accurate SLOs for your course schedule for a particular semester, first search the CCSF Employee Directory for your listing for a given semester. 

  • Click on Employee Directory at the website.
  • Choose the semester of interest.
  • Enter a first or last name.
  • Click Lookup.
Faculty Directory


  • From the list that appears, click on this link for your Name.
Faculty Listing for Sheri Miraglia


  • Click on the link for each course prefix/number (such as M B 12) to see a catalog description, official course SLOs, and a link to the official course outlines of record.
Faculty Listing for Sheri Miraglia with Catalog Description and SLOs


  • Copy and paste the SLOs to use in your course syllabus.
  • Click on Course Outline of Record link to see full course outline.