How can I get a projector, DVD player, etc. for my room?

Contact Media Services, which includes:

  • Audio Services (Rosenberg Library 305 – 415.452.5411)
  • Broadcast Media Services (Arts Extension 169 – 415.239.3525)  


What's the 30-Day rule for Adding Sections?

In order to be claimed for apportionment, course sections must be open to the general public, and advertised in a manner such that anyone who might be interested in enrolling will know it is available.

In order to meet this advertising requirement, new courses must be published in the online time schedule for at least 30 days prior to the start of the course. This requirement applies to courses that were not part of the original printed time schedule; we are able to respond to high student demand and open additional sections of currently-scheduled courses with a shorter lead time.

For further information, see Questions 6 and 7 from Legal Advisory 2005-01.


How do I find out the last time we offered a course?

The same Argos datablock that lists all of the course outline dates for all courses in a department also lists the last term the course was offered. Here are directions on how to use it. Here is the Curriculum Committee resolution on course offering requirements.


How can I find out historical enrollment data for credit and noncredit classes?

There are two Argos datablocks you can use, under the Enrollment Management folder -- one for credit courses, and one for noncredit courses. Here's some documentation:


How can I get a spreadsheet of enrollment, FTES, and FTEF data for a specific semester?

There are two section-level datablocks in the Enrollment Management folder in Argos – one for semesters prior to Summer 2015, and one for Summer 2015 onwards. Here's some documentation about how to run them.