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Distinguishing "Draft" from "In Review" from "Active" reports

Screenshot of lists of reports

The above screenshot shows a list of program reviews in various stages.


Screenshot of a draft report

DRAFT REPORTS are ones that were saved but NOT yet submitted. These reports say "Draft" at the bottom of the description (next to assessment type), have no activation date, and show the edit and delete icons. These draft reports can be in a variety of complete stages including:

Saved, but not finished and submitted (see example above).


Screenshot of a draft report ready to submit (green checkmark)

Saved and finished (locked), but not yet submitted (green checkmark appears as an icon -- see example above).


Screenshot of an In Review Report

IN REVIEW REPORTS are ones that were submitted for supervisor review and approval. (See sample above.)

These reports are noneditable, labeled "In Review" and have only a created on date: such as 20-Jul-15.


Screenshot of an Active Report

ACTIVE REPORTS are ones that were completely submitted. (See sample above.)

These reports are noneditable, labeled "Active" and have both a Created on and an Activated on date: such as 20-Jul-15.


View report

Screenshot of a draft report item with a red box around the report icons

The above screeshot shows multiple icons to the left of a given Draft report. Click on each of the three report icons to view what your report will look like when complete. When ready to submit into the approval process, follow the instructions below.

Locking sections

Screenshot of a screen prior to locking

The above image shows one screen with the different buttons found in edit mode.

When you finish a section, and you have already saved it, and it is complete, click on the Finish button to lock those entries. 

NOTE: You must have answers to all required fields before the Finish button will work. If you try to click Finish, and it fails, scroll through your screen to find the red error messages that appear above the required empty fields. 


Screenshot of a screen after locking and when ready for submit

The image above shows what this same screen looks like after all screens or sections of the report have been locked, and the report is ready to submit.

  • You are required to click Unlock if you want to edit a section again
  • For every screen or section you finish, a checkmark will appear on the right-hand checklist.
  • Messages will appear on the left-hand menu to remind you what sections are still remaining to complete. If all are complete, as image above shows, then a Submit button appears.
  • When all sections have been completed, locked, and checked off, you can submit your report.


Submitting final version

Click Submit to submit the final version of your report.

Your final report will appear in your list of outcome assessments and be part of the public search. (You can no longer edit or delete it.)


Screenshot of a draft report ready to submit (green checkmark)

ALTERNATIVE STEP 3: If you clicked Finish and locked all the screens and left the edit mode before submitting, then a greencheckmark icon will be present next to your report name in your list of outcome assessments. You can also complete your submission by clicking on this green checkmark (see image above).

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