Curriculum Currency

Screenshot Curriculum Currency Report Icon

1. First review the Curriculum Currency Report (click on the icon in the top left of the screen) to see what CurricUNET indicates is the currency level for your department's courses and programs.

ATTENTION! These reports are pulling the dates that a proposal was created in CurricUNET, which means when it was uploaded. We have been promised that this will be fixed, but not sure if it will be in time for Fall 2015 program reviews. Please use the curriculum currency reports provided by the Office of Instruction and available on this questions's web page.

Screenshot Curriculum Currency

The above screenshot shows the questions instructional departments must answer in regards to curriculum currency. Note: The second question appears only for CTE departments.

2. Address the report as best you can. For official guidelines and examples on these questions, see Program Review Guideline: Curriculum Currency (follow link on screen).

3. Use the spell check and drag the lower right corner to make each field bigger as needed (full instructions in the Orient yourself section).

4. When finished, click Save. Then Finish. (Red text appears next to all required fields that are empty.) Once all required fields have entries, after you click Finish, the page will be locked (you can unlock it later if you wish to edit further), and a checkmark will appear in the right-margin checklist.

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