Resource Request Assessment Linkage

Assessment Linkage Screenshot

The above screenshot shows the list of resources you are currently requesting in this program review.

1. To link a request to assessment reports submitted over the last year, click the Pencil icon.

2. From the list of assessment reports from your unit, check the boxes next to the ones that you want to link to this resource request. 

  • Note: the only assessment reports that will appear in this list are the reports that had checked their box indicating they were making a resource request.
  • If you want more information a particular request, click on the link to see the details of the reports.
Assessment Linkage Details Screenshot

3. When finished, click Save. Then Finish(Red text appears next to all required fields that are empty.) Once all required fields have entries, after you click Finish, the page will be locked (you can unlock it later if you wish to edit further), and a checkmark will appear in the right-margin checklist.

*NOTE: If no resource requests, no need to enter any data, but still be sure to click Finish on this page.



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