Assessment Currency

Assessment Currency Report Icon Screenshot

1. First review the Assessment Currency Report (click on the icon in the top left of the screen) to see what CurricUNET indicates is the currency level for your unit's outcome assessments.

ATTENTION! It will not be until Fall 2018 that these reports will be seen to be valuable, as they can pull the currency only of CurricUNET reporting. In the meantime, report here on your past reporting frequency and academic units, please focus on the missing CRN-level reports submitted for Spring 2016. Where absent, explain why. There are many good reasons why these would be absent. Here's where you document that. (Even if you've already indicated that to others, again document it here.)


  • BENCHMARK: assess and report at least once every 3 years:
    • Service Area AUOs, SSOs, SLOs -- Academic & Student Service SSOs and AUOs and Administrative Service Outcomes
    • Certificate or Major PSLOs -- certificates and majors
    • Course-level -- all SLOs for a given course in one report
  • CRN-level (individual course section) assessments happen every semester for at least one SLO for every CRN.


Assessment Currency Screenshot

The above screenshot shows the questions instructional departments must answer in regards to curriculum currency. Note: The second question appears only for CTE departments.

2. Address the report as best you can. For official guidelines and examples for the above question, see Program Review Guideline Assessment Currency.

3. Use the spell check and drag the lower right corner to make each field bigger as needed (full instructions in the Orient yourself section).

4. When finished, click Save. Then Finish(Red text appears next to all required fields that are empty.) Once all required fields have entries, after you click Finish, the page will be locked (you can unlock it later if you wish to edit further), and a checkmark will appear in the right-margin checklist.


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