Start program review

Screenshot of Start New Program Review prompt

1. To start a new Program Review, choose Start Annual Program Review from the left-hand menu of the Program Review Module main screen.


Screenshot of Start New Program Review first screen

2. From the Review Type drop-down menu, choose your unit type.

  • Academic and Student Service Area Review -- for student and academic service units (like Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Library, and Language Lab)
  • Admin Unit Review -- for administrative units (like Purchasing and Buildings and Grounds)
  • Counseling Program Review -- for student counseling units (like DSPS and Continuing Student Counseling)
  • Instructional (Department) Review -- for instructional units such as Earth Sciences and English.

*NOTE: Counseling and service departments that also have CRNs will complete either a Counseling Program Review (e.g., DSPS, Continuing Student Counseling) or an Academic and Student Service Area Review (e.g., Financial Aid, Library) as their main review. They will also need to start and complete an Instructional (Department) Review to access the Curriculum Currency reports. For all other questions in that review, they can indicate N/A and/or refer readers to the main Program Review.


Main Screen for new program review

The screenshot above shows the Main screen, where you can review some of the data automatically entered and add co-contributors if you would like others to be able to have edit access to this program review.

3. To add co-contributors, click on the green + sign.

Screenshot of how to add a co-contributor to a program review

4. Use the drop down menu to choose your co-contributors. You can choose as many as you want. You can also delete any co-contributors at any time by clicking on the Scissors icon next to their name.

5. Click Done when ready to move on.

Program Review Overview Screenshot

The Overview screen is where you will title your Program Review and indicate which department or unit it is for. 

6. In the Program Review Title field, enter the title for this Review.

Standard: Fall 2015 Earth Sciences, Fall 2015 Purchasing, Fall 2015 Financial Aid
*The date used is the semester that the report is being written.

7.  From the Department or Unit drop-down menu, you will choose the specific unit for which you are completing a program review.

8. When finished, click Save. Then Finish
Red text appears next to all required fields that are empty.) Once all required fields have entries, after you click Finish, the page will be locked (you can unlock it later if you wish to edit further), and a checkmark will appear in the right-margin checklist.


Next steps