Online training

Use tabs in left-hand navigation menu to move through  CurricUNET Program Review Module User Manual with step-by-step instructions and screenshots.

Task Guides   Video Tutorials

2-page PDF documents you can print with step-by-step instructions for completing each of the position-specific tasks below:


4-to-6-minute video tutorials that walk you through a variety of tasks. (CC means with closed captioning.)

Video Recording: 9/30/2015 1.5-hr Program Review Training held in MUB 388


Other questions?

  • Other problems using CurricUNET? Access the troubleshooting guide below with common errors and solutions.
  • Still need help? Review calendar for schedule of drop-in Help Labs and formal trainings, in which you can participate face to face or by phone. Or use this Support Request Form to request help. Please be patient. No help guaranteed during holidays, weekends, and breaks. 


Troubleshooting common problems

Need help accessing CurricUNET Program Review data?

What you can access in CurricUNET and the Department/Chair/Deans/Supervisors associated with any proposals you submit will be automatically configured based on your log-in. If you cannot access the correct parts of CurricUNET, contact your Chair/Supervisor and use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 

Trouble logging in?

  • Are you sure the username is your Office 365 email (
  • Are you sure you’re using the right password? (First time around: ChangeMe1 – case sensitive)
  • Are you sure you were trying to log in to the correct module? (There are three different modules. The Curriculum module has an entirely different login. Be sure you’re NOT in the Curriculum module.)
    Correct location:  CurricUNET Program Review
  • Did you forget your password? If so, contact the CCSF Help Desk (On campus: dial 611 or 3711; Off campus: (415) 239-3711; Toll Free (844) 693-HELP (4357)).
  • Did you, perhaps, already log in but get confused by the password change screen? If so, you may have reset your password multiple times. Solution: Reset password back to ChangeMe1 (see previous bullet), then next time you login, once your password change has been SAVED, be sure you click Home (see screenshot). Otherwise you’ll get stuck there again.
  • It's possible you don’t have a user account. If that's true, the administrators need to set you up. Use this Support Request Form to get help (and be patient, no help requests are guaranteed during holidays and breaks). 

Known issues or pending upgrades

Browser Support

Internet Explorer does NOT support the expandable text fields functionality. Use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox instead.


Curriculum Currency Reports

Until fixed by Governet (fix pending, but no projected date for delivery), these reports will be inaccurate, as they are pulling the dates that a proposal was created in CurricUNET, which means when it was uploaded. Please refer instead to the curriculum currency reports for all units provided by the office of instruction.

Assessment Currency Reports

It will not be until Fall 2018 that these reports will be seen to be valuable, as they can pull the currency only of CurricUNET reporting. In the meantime, report here on your past reporting frequency and academic units, please focus on the missing CRN-level reports submitted for Spring 2016. Where absent, explain why. There are many good reasons why these would be absent. Here's where you document that. (Even if you've already indicated that to others, again document it here.)



Only administrators can access the Administrator User Manual.