Orient yourself

Main Assessment Screen

The image above shows the main screen for the program review module.

  • The top banner contains navigation aids that let you return to the Home screen (top left) or log off (top right).
  • The left-hand menu provides you action options on this page: 
    • Create a new program review
    • Edit an existing program review
    • Rank resource requests (available only if you area assigned to a position that will rank resource requests (Deans, VCs, and Chancellor)
  • The center list shows you all the program reviews for which you are originator or contributor. 
    • The right-side of each entry describes the title of the report -- when it was created and what type it is.
    • The left side of each entry list contains icons that provide a variety of functions for interacting with a specific assessment report.
  • The right side shows you the Legend -- the titles/actions that go with each icon in the center list.
Close up legend

The image above shows a blow-up of the legend from the right-hand margin on the main screen for the program review module.

The legend defines the functions of each of the icons.

  • Prog. Review Report (view what report of your answers looks like when submitted and published)
  • Prev. Year's Prog. Review Report (view previous year's program review -- as submitted through CurricUNET)
  • Curriculum Currency Report (view a list of an academic department's curriculum and its current state of currency)
  • Assessment Currency Report (view a list of assessment reports for all courses, PSLOs, and service/unit outcomes and their currency)
  • Edit (click to open a report to continuing editing it)
  • View (click to view details of an item)
  • Delete (click to delete a report)
  • Submit (click to submit a report)


Check spelling

Blowup screenshot of spell check on field

The screenshot above shows a sample screen with a question and empty field in which to enter your answer. Notice the abc-checkmark icon that appears in the lower right. Click here to run a spell check on your text entry.


Expand window size

Blowup screenshot of dragging to grow field

Most of the fields in the report have windows that start small, but that will grow bigger if you pull on the bottom right corner, as show above.


Next steps