Log in help

Main Splash


The above image shows the login screen for CurricUNET program review module. 

THE PROGRAM REVIEW module is THE SAME module as for Assessment reporting. So if you have already logged into assessment, you will use the same password you created there.

1. Access CurricUNET Program Review Module through this URL: www.curricunet.com/ccsf.

2. As the login screen shows, you log in with your Office 365 email address. Examples:

  • Username: jdoe@ccsf.edu
  • Password: 
    • Your initial password, first time you log in is ChangeMe1 (note: it's case sensitive!) 
    • After your log in the first time, you will be required to reset your password. Be sure to choose a password that has a minimum of 8 characters with at least 1 number and 2 letters. Write this password down and store it in a safe place.
    • NOTE: Because this module is the same as the Assessment Module, you will use the same passwords for both!
  • Having trouble logging in?
    • Did you forget your password? If so, contact the CCSF Help Desk (On campus: dial 611 or 3711; Off campus: (415) 239-3711; Toll Free (844) 693-HELP (4357)).
    • Did you, perhaps, already log in but get confused by the password change screen? If so, you may have reset your password multiple times. Solution: Reset password back to ChangeMe1 (see previous bullet), then next time you login, once your password change has been SAVED, be sure you click Home (see screenshot below). Otherwise you’ll get stuck there again.
    • It's possible you don’t have a user account. If none of the above helped, contact curricunet@ccsf.edu to confirm and fix as needed.
Get Home

The above image shows the password-change screen for CurricUNET program review module.

3. Once you have changed your password, you can return to the main home screen by clicking the Home link in the top left of the screen.

Main Splash -- choose Program Review

The image above shows the welcome splash page that appears after you first log in to the CurricUNET Program Review and Assessment Module. To enter just the program review module:

4. Choose Program Review from under the Build/Edit menu.


Main splash -- Program Review Only

The image above shows the welcome splash page for just the Program Review Module. 

  • Create, Edit, and Delete actions are accessed through left-hand menu.
  • A list of your active and archived Program Reviews are listed in the center of the page -- the left box of each item in the list contains icons that can be clicked to access appropriate functions -- the center box describes the program review instance.
  • A legend of actions you can take for each of your Program Reviews is shown on the right.


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