Start report

Main splash

The image above shows the main assessment screen.  

1. Choose Create New Assessment from the left-hand menu.


Create New Assessment

The image above shows Create New Assessment main screen. 

2. From the drop-down menu, choose the type of assessment report you are creating.

*WARNING: IF YOU CHOOSE THE WRONG ASSESSMENT TYPE, contact to have your report deleted, and then you will have to enter a new one under the correct type.

Assessment Report Types

  • Academic and Student Service Area SSO or SLO Assessment -- for student and academic service units submitting either SLOs (for workshops) or SSOs (for services). Includes units such as Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Library, and Language Lab.
  • Administrative Unit Outcome Assessment -- for administrative units (like Purchasing and Buildings and Grounds)
  • Counseling SLO or SSO assessment -- for student counseling units (like DSPS and Continuing Student Counseling) for either workshop or counseling SLOs or service outcomes
  • Course-level Outcomes
    • ALL FACULTY: CRN-level SLOs -- submitted by each instructor for each course section each semester
    • Course (SLO Aggregate) assessment -- submitted at least once every 3 years by course coordinator reviewing ALL course SLOs over multiple semesters
  • Certificate or Major Program SLOs (PSLOs) -- for majors and certificates -- submitted at least once every 3 years by program coordinators for each certificate or major
  • Institutional-Level Outcomes (ILOs) -- submitted by SLO Coordinators on regular cycle
  • General-Education-Level Outcomes (GELOs) -- submitted only by SLO Coordinators on regular cycle

3. Once you've chosen the appropriate assessment type, click Create button to open the new assessment report.


Next Steps

Enter information requested on the main screen for each assessment type.