AUOs and SSOs

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AUO, SSO, or SLO Assessment Reports are submitted by administrative and student service units across the college to review and report on their progress in meeting outcomes.

WARNING: ALL information entered into these reports will be publicly available. Please enter data in a way that will be understandable by anyone who reads it. Thank you!


Create Proposal

To create a new assessment report, click on the Create Proposal button. (*A “proposal” in CurricUNET is any assessment report, program review, course outline, or program description and their associated reports.*)

Create Proposal Button

(If you want to edit a draft you already created, search for it, open it, and edit it. See Find and View Curricula.)


1. Select Proposal Type. From the drop-down Proposal Type menu, scroll to bottom, under Assessments, and choose Academic and Student Service Area SSO or SLO Assessment or Admin Unit Outcome Assessment or Counseling SLO or SSO Assessment (depending on unit type). Then click Next.

Create Proposal Screen 1


2. Complete Minimum Requirements. From the School-Division menu, depending on your unit type, choose Non-Instructional Admin Units, Non-Instructional Counseling Programs, Non-Instructional Service Areas, or Student Services. In the Department field, choose your department from the drop-down menu. In the Module Title field, enter anything you want (this field gets overwritten by CurricUNET once you create the proposal, so don’t waste time thinking of a title, just enter something; you can’t leave it blank). Click Next.

Minimum Requirements Screen


3. Review and Submit. Simply click Create Proposal (no need to look over the summary because 100% of the information shown can be modified as soon as the proposal is created).

Review and Submit Screen

Main Tab

Once your proposal has been created, you will see multiple tabs on the left. You must proceed through all these tabs and complete all the information on each before you can Launch (submit) your proposal. The first tab that appears is the Main tab.

AUO/SSO Assessment Main Screen
  • From the Non-Instructional Unit Type and Unit drop-down menus change these values if you need to.
  • From the Outcome drop-down menu, choose the outcome for which you are completing an assessment report. 
  • Click Save.


Assessment, Analysis, Next Steps, and Highlights

Click on each of the remaining tabs to continue. Complete the rest of the questions on each of the screens. Click Save on each.

AUO/SSO Assessment Analysis Tab
AUO/SSO Assessment Next Steps Tab
AUO/SSO Assessment Share Highlights Tab


At the top left of the screen, click on the Report icon (the icon to the left of the text “Status: Draft”) and choose Assessment Report to open and see what your report will look like to the public when you submit it.

Report Icon


When ready to submit, click Launch (in the upper right of the screen). Your report will go to your department chair for approval before becoming active. For more information see Assessment Approvals

Launch Button


  • How is the report title chosen? The first time you click Save, the report will get a new name generated automatically. This new title will overwrite the one you entered at the Create Proposal step. We standardize these titles on purpose and don’t let you change them.
  • If you have problems using the drop-down menus, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down.
  • If your department doesn’t appear, it means you need “origination rights” for this department. Email for assistance.
  • If the SAVE button isn’t visible in lower right of screen, it means you have nothing to save.
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through menus. Arrow keys move through menu (up and down). Enter will register your choice. Tab goes from spot to spot.
  • If the Launch button is greyed out, it means you’re missing data in required fields. Look at the badges that appear to the right of each tab label and if one of those is still orange, return there to find the required fields.
  • Having trouble finding your report after you’ve created it? When you click on the Curriculum Button and choose Assessments, the default list you see is all your own assessments. Use the keyword search box to conduct a simple search through this list. Click the advanced search button to the right of the magnifying lens to narrow the results to include only the status you want (such as "Draft"). Use sort to bring the items you want to the top of the list. Note: since AUO, SSO, or Counseling SLO Assessment Reports have no subject code, if you also submit course-related SLO reports, you can sort, ascending, on Subject, and the reports with no subjects appear at the top of the list.