New Resource Members: AO, RO, DLC

City College of San Francisco
Curriculum Committee

Resolution Regarding Curriculum Committee Resource Members

August 28, 2013

Whereas the following information has been communicated from the president and vice-president of the City College of San Francisco Academic Senate --

Resource member means offering advice but not voting. For them to cast votes the membership composition of the committee would need to be changed.

You would be adding… ex-officio faculty seats for [previous resource members]. That could be done by

1) Curriculum committee taking action to recommend change in committee composition

2) Academic Senate Executive Council approving change in committee composition.

3) We'll change your description at our website, and you'll change information on your webpage;

and, Whereas the Curriculum Committee Membership recognizes the value of contributions made by our previous resource members;

Be it hereby resolved: That the Articulation Officer, Prerequisite Officer, and Distance Education Coordinator, whether known by these designations or others, be instituted as permanent voting positions on the Curriculum Committee in addition to the present membership;

Be it further resolved: That the Curriculum Committee will consider adding an ex-officio position for one SLO Coordinator.