New Resource Members: CurricUNET, CTE

City College of San Francisco
Curriculum Committee

New Permanent Curriculum Committee Members

August 26, 2015

The CurricUNET Administrator and a CTE Coordinator have been voted in as permanent voting members of the Curriculum Committee in addition to the other Members the Curriculum Committee. Thus, the Curriculum Committee consists of

  • Eighteen faculty appointed by the Executive Council of the Academic Senate
  • Six administrators appointed by the Chancellor (or his/her designee)
  • One classified staff member appointed by SEIU
  • Two students appointed by the Executive Council of the Associated Students
  • Five permanent positions: Articulation Officer, Requisites Coordinator, SLO Coordinator, CTE Coordinator, CurricUNET Administrator

The Curriculum Website ( and Curriculum Committee Handbook will be updated to reflect these additions. The present CTE Coordinator is Wendy Miller; the present SLO Coordinator is Craig Kleinman.