Lab Units and Hours Compliance

City College of San Francisco
Curriculum Committee

Laboratory Units and Hours Compliance Resolution

October 28, 2015 

Whereas with regards to the hours to units ratio used in curriculum, City College of San Francisco is required to come into compliance with Title 5 and to address an accreditation deficiency noted in the College’s self study and the subsequent visiting team report and to show internal consistency with a clearly-defined policy,

And whereas the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Hours and Units Calculations memo distributed on October 5, 2015 clarified allowable flexibility regarding Laboratory hours,

Be it resolved, that the standard of 52.5 hours of laboratory credit for one unit may be comprised of three hours in-class work or two hours in-class work with one hour of homework, following the aforementioned State Chancellor’s memo, which states: “the laboratory with homework calculation should be used with caution” and “Use of this category should be restricted to only those instructional areas where it is clearly aligned with accepted practices [of] higher education” (p.3 of 12).

Be it further resolved, that departments submitting curriculum requesting the use of laboratory with homework hours are responsible for providing the Curriculum Committee with evidence that this practice in the disciplines represented is clearly aligned with accepted practices in higher education. Evidence that the practice in the discipline is clearly aligned with practices in higher education shall be submitted for approval by the Curriculum Committee once at the discipline level if it applies to the entire discipline or at the course level in the course justification section as appropriate.

Furthermore, be it resolved that units of credit will be calculated in one half unit increments in which rounding up is not allowed and in which units may not be decreased below the number generated when the formula for lecture and laboratory hours is applied. 

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