Evaluating Attendance

City College of San Francisco 
Curriculum Committee

Approval of Language on Evaluating Attendance

March 21, 2012

The following was approved by the Curriculum Committee for inclusion in the Curriculum Committee Handbook:

Attendance and participation. Credit courses may use student participation (e.g. class recital and items listed in Figure 36: Examples of Assignments Segments (VI.B)) as evaluation criteria. Instructors may use attendance records to assist in evaluating a student’s in-class participation. Attendance in itself, separate from participation, may not be used in student evaluation except in cases as described in Figure 2-42.

The following additions have been approved by the Curriculum Committee for Figure 2-42 in the Curriculum Committee Handbook:

  1. Student participation in discussions and critiques as described above. Students will be assessed on their use of an architectural vocabulary and their ability to analyzed design.
  2. Students will be evaluated on their demonstration of professional work habits during their college internship, including attendance, customer service skills, and telephone and email etiquette.
  3. Students must satisfactorily complete 80% of the required clinical hours in order to pass the class.