Catalog Program Minimum Completion

City College of San Francisco
Curriculum Committee

Resolution Regarding Advertising Minimum Time to Completion for Programs in Catalog

December 2, 2015

Whereas the ACCJC's Policy on Institutional Advertising, Student Recruitment, and Representation of Accredited Status says that  

“Catalogs and other official publications shall be readily available and accurately depict” a number of requirements that we currently meet plus “basic information on programs and courses with required sequences and frequency of course offerings explicitly stated; degree, certificate, and program completion requirements, including length of time required to obtain a degree or certificate;”

And whereas the 2014 Accreditation Standard I.C "Institutional Integrity" states:

  1. The institution assures the clarity, accuracy, and integrity of information provided to students and prospective students, personnel, and all persons or organizations related to its mission statement, learning outcomes, educational programs, and student support services. The institution gives accurate information to students and the public about its accreditation status with all of its accreditors. (ER 20) 
  2. The institution provides a print or online catalog for students and prospective students with precise, accurate, and current information on all facts, requirements, policies, and procedures listed in the “Catalog Requirements” (see endnote). (ER 20) 

And whereas the 2014 Accreditation Standard II.A.6 “Student Learning Programs and Services " states:

"The institution schedules courses in a manner that allows students to complete certificate and   degree programs within a period of time consistent with established expectations in higher education."

Be it resolved that Program Descriptions (submitted to the Curriculum Committee during regular review and as advertised in the Catalog) include a customized version of the following statement:  

  • MAJORS: “Assuming students start this AA or AS with transfer‐level math and English eligibility, the minimum time for completion is 4 semesters. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.” 
  • CERTIFICATES: “The minimum time for completion of this certificate is X semesters. Completion time will vary based on student preparation and number of units completed per semester.” 

Be it finally resolved that these changes will start with the 2016‐2017 Catalog. The Office of Instruction will facilitate the process of making these changes.