Get. It. Done.  Curriculum and Assessment!

Spring (Winter) Flex Event, Friday, Jan 10, afternoon session, MUB 255

Work with members of the Curriculum Committee and the SLO team—plus your department colleagues—to write, rewrite, and/or discuss assessments and outlines.  Is the lack of a recent aggregate assessment holding back a course or program outline from curriculum tech review?  Is your new or modified course outline just not coming together?  Do your learning outcomes read like they’re from 1999? Does your proposal need to be more student-centered? Are you worried about deadlines? Take advantage of this chance to collaborate with others in a computerized classroom to Get. It. Done.

The following references are valuable resources during the curriculum development process:

Not sure what to write in your outline?
***Course Outline Crib Notes and  DEA Crib Notes***

Remember, course and program aggregate reports must be launched within 18 months of outline submission.  These assessment reports should inform outline revision.

The Course SLO Assessment Planner can help build up for aggregate reporting and reflection, and it can also help you avoid turning in curricula at the very end of a six-year cycle.



Please also remember that programs require supplemental documentation (aka the narrative). There is a place in CurrIQunet to upload that documentation. Please consult the Articulation Officer about documents for AD-Ts.

Documents to be submitted include--

  • Narrative (All programs – submit a draft when the program proposal is launched)
  • Supporting information for local/community need or transfer prep (if not appended to the narrative document – submit when program is launched)
  • LMI Data (CTE programs – submit when program is launched)
  • Industry Advisory Minutes (CTE programs – submit when program is launched)
  • BACCC recommendation (CTE programs, new or substantial revisions – not required for proposal launch, consult with Curriculum Committee chair about when to request from BACCC)

The following references are valuable resources during the curriculum review process:

Curriculum Co-Chair Drop-in Support in Cloud 325A: Mondays 8-10 (Dana Jae) and 1-3 (Craig)