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Pre-Fall 2015 Credit Course Outlines - ECHO to HUM

ECGT Electrocardiogram Technology
ECHO Echocardiography
ECOL Ecology
ECON Economics
ELEC Electronics
EMAP Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
EMSA Environmental Monitoring
EMT Emergency Medical Technology
EMTP Emergency Medical Technology-Paramedic
ENGL English
ENGN Engineering
ENRG Energy
ERT Emergency Room Technician
ESL English as a Second Language
ET Engineering Technology
FASH Fashion
FIN Finance
FREN French
F SC Fire Science
GEN Genetics
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GERM German
GIS Geographic Information Systems
GNBS General Business
GUID Guidance
HCT Health Care Technology
HIST History
HIT Health Information Technology
HLTH Health Education
HUM Humanities