Course Outlines and SLOs

To access accurate course outlines of record and SLOs for a particular semester, first search the Online Class Schedule for your listing for a given semester (this process applies for Fall 2016 and onward): 

  • Click on Educational Programs at the website.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Class Schedule.
  • Choose the semester of interest.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and search for the course subjects of interest.
Class Schedule


  • Click on the subject of interest to open the schedule of classes for that particular semester.
  • Click on the link for each course prefix/number (such as GEOL 41A) to see a catalog description, official course SLOs, and a link to the official course outlines of record.


Course SLOs


If you are looking for the course outline of record for a course that is NOT currently on the class schedule, you can find it in CurricUNET's Curriculum Module. Please log in and search there. Be sure you pay attention to which version you're looking at and what semester it applies to.

Course Outline of Record with Status and Effective Semester Highlighted