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State Approval

Some credit programs require approval by the State Chancellor's Office prior to publication in the College Catalog. The Program and Course Approval Handbook details the State Chancellor's Office approval process and required documentation for submission.


Regional Consortium Approval

CTE programs must be approved by our regional consortium before we can seek state approval. The approval process for the regional consortium involves answering many of the same questions as the State Chancellor's Office has.  Read more about our regional consortium's process .


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a printed Catalog?

The Catalog Editor maintains a distribution list for printed copies of the College Catalog. Faculty and Staff needing a printed College Catalog, or wanting to get on the annual distribution list, should contact the Catalog Editor, Nino Kikilashvili, at


How do I find out course outline dates?

There's an Argos datablock that lists all of the course outline dates for all courses in a department. Here are directions on how to use it. Here is the Curriculum Committee resolution on course outline currency.


How can I find out if we've used a course number before?

When creating a new course, it's important to know that you're not trying to re-use a course number for a deactivated course. There's an Argos datablock that lists all of the course numbers that have ever been used for a particular subject code. Here are directions on how to use it.