CMS: Activating pages and DAM contents

Activating is the process of publishing your pages or DAM content to the Web. When you work on pages or upload pictures or documents to the DAM, the results are safely stored on a work server (a large computer that holds pages that folks are working on as well as those that have already been published). They are not available on the actual CCSF web site until they are activated/published.

Activating CMS Pages

After Ok’ing your components’ contents in a web page, you can either:

  1. Log out without activating – so that your page is not available on the web site, but remains with your edits waiting for you to continue editing
  2. Activate the page, which sends it to the web server, making it available on the web site.

The simplest way to activate a page: You must be editing the page—then:

  1. Click the second (page) tab in the Sidekick. 
  2. Then click Activate Page.
Activating from the Sidekick's Page (second) tab

You should get a message (top right) saying that the page has been successfully activated.

If you aren’t editing the page:

  1. Open the tab in your browser with the sitemap view of the site. Or click the globe icon at the bottom of the sidekick, which will return you to sitemap view.
  2. In the left column, click to highlight the page above the page you want to activate.
  3. You should see the page you want in the right column.
  4. Click to highlight the page
  5. With it highlighted, click Activate on the toolbar.
Activating a page from the Site Map

To get rid of a page or DAM item, you must go into Site manager view (click the globe icon at the bottom of the sidekick if you are editing).

  1. Highlight the page or DAM folder or file in the right column.
  2. Click Deactivate.
  3. Then click Delete.
Deactivating and deleting buttons

You must do both - even if you have not activated the page or DAM content. I know, it's not logical. But - do it anyway! :)


Activating content in the DAM

Activating a DAM item

When you create folders or upload pictures or documents to the DAM, you must activate them just as you do CMS pages.

What happens if you don't?

When you create a CMS page, you can create a link to your document or image in the DAM. Activating the page allows it to show up on the public web site. However, if you have not also activated the DAM content, your images will not show up, or your document link will be broken. To activate DAM content:

  1. First open the DAM by clicking its camera icon immediately after logging in or from Site Admin view (the view that appears when you click the Globe icon).
  2. Then navigate to your images or documents in the DAM.
  3. One by one, highlight each one -
  4. With the DAM item highlighted, click Activate on the top tool bar (see the image above).