CMS Training

Accelerated Training

Department/Projects/Schools: Update your pages: Have a reliable CCSF Web presence!  

  1. One-session trainings for new users - or for those needing a painless refresher. Session agendas are tailored to attendees' needs.
  2. Special, focussed sessions on uploading documents and referencing them in text on your pages. No clunky Document components necessary! Great for posting SLOs and rubrics.
  3. Look at the Training calendar below on this page to see the dates for workshops and sign up. Scheduled one-on-one sessions may also available in the Batmale 313 lab. Email Nathan Steele ( to arrange a visit.

Training Process

  1. Request a CMS account: Submit the CMS Account Online Request Form and await confirmation via e-mail (typically within 1-2 business days). Each user must have an individual account.
  2. Sign up for a CMS Orientation Training: View training dates on the TLC calendar and register for a training orientation online.