CMS leadership team info

This page is for supervisors with staff who work directly with the CCSF web site. It is designed to:

  • Provide basic understanding of the site's design principles
  • Point your staff to the information they need to successfully update or create content on your web pages

The Main CMS page holds links to all the information that people need: how to get an account, how to login, help documents for editing, etc. This page simply gives a quick overview.

Q & A

Why do individuals have to get their own accounts on the CMS? We used to have Department accounts that many people could use.

For security and accountability: Each person is assigned access (permissions) to edit pages in their designated area - and nowhere else. The site administrator can track who made changes to what and when.

My staff can't edit some of our pages. What do I do?

Contact an administrator: Joe Jah ( or, during the semester, Wendy Fong ( They can set permissions to pages or areas on the website.

Why are we prevented from setting our own colors or fonts - even text sizes - on our own pages?

For consistency. The site's designers wanted to establish an identity for CCSF's pages so that people browsing the site would have a consistent look and feel to remind them that they were looking at CCSF information.

This is also the reason why pages start from a limited number of templates, and why pages are constructed of set building blocks called components: the Text component, the CCSF Title, the Link-arrow List, etc. All are easily selectable from the "Sidekick" that appears when editing pages. And all are consistent from page to page.

Why aren't pages immediately published when they are finished? Why do we have to go through a separate "Activation" process?

So that a supervisor can review material before it goes public. Before a page is Activated (published to or made accessible on the actual web site), supervisors with their own logons can check the page to make sure that it meets their requirements. This helps ensure that nothing appears to the  public before being OK'd.