Have a reliable CCSF Web presence for your department, project, or school on the main CCSF website!

The CMS (Content Management System) is great for posting mission statements, degree and certificate information, course SLOs, rubrics, assessment data, contact information, and other important details about services, programs, department or other units at the college.

Trainings are reserved for those designated to create and update school, department, program and project sites. Individual faculty members should use CCSF Google Sites to create an instructional page.

Request an Account

Do I need an account? My supervisor/co-worker/department head already has one.

Everyone who works on the new site must have a personal account. Logins are now attached to a person, not to a site and logins should not be shared.

What is the process for getting an account so that I can work on the site?

1: Get an account on the system: Fill out the Online CMS Account Request Form

  • Submit your employee ID number and pin
  • The website url field is automatically filled in based on your directory information
  • Provide brief details about why your require access to the CMS
  • Allow 2 working days for the site admins to create your account, provide access to your program/department's CMS pages, and e-mail you log-in information

2: Sign up for a CCSF CMS Training

  • If you want more training or support, drop into the TLC lab. Lab Aides can often help.
  • Remember: so far these are for department/project/school representatives only—not for individual Faculty or Staff. A Google site built with a CCSfmail account are recommended for individual faculty/staff.
  • More information from the IT department about the CMS is available here.

Complete the Training

One-session trainings for new users or those needing a painless refresher. Session agendas are tailored to attendees' needs. Occassionally, scheduled one-on-one sessions may also available in the Batmale 313 lab. Email Alex Hosmer to arrange a visit.

  1. Request a CMS account: Follow the directions above to submit the CMS Account Online Request Form and await confirmation via e-mail (typically within 1-2 business days). Each user must have an individual account.
  2. Sign up for a CMS Orientation Training: View training dates on the TLC calendar and register for a training orientation online.
  3. Review the Training Materials: Want to get a head start? Although this is not required, you may review the training notes here.

Need Help?

Password Help

Technical Help

  • Use an up-to-date version of the Chrome Browser when editing your pages.  Firefox is no longer the preferred browser, and Internet Explorer and Safari often do not work when editing the CMS. **All browsers can view the site: these messages are just for folks editing pages.
  • For technical glitches (broken pages, components that are not working as you know they should, etc.) and emergency help, contact the Helpdesk
  • For training to use the features of the CMS or consultation about how to improve the webpages you manage, contact Alex Hosmer or simply sign-up for a refresher orientation.