Windows 7

Summary Document: New features in Window 7 [pdf]

Custom Guide to Windows 7 [pdf]
A two-page guide to major features with a list of keyboard shortcuts. Packed with info!

Accessibility features in Windows 7 [video]

The Taskbar

Start button

Normally at the bottom of the screen as before, the taskbar has a new look—and many new features. But the Start button (now sometimes called the Start Globe) is still on the left and the time/date clock on the right.

The graphics have an updated look, and the start button even glows when the mouse hits it.

The taskbar


The Desktop

New "Aqua" shading and transparency options, new Themes (sets of colors and graphics). easier access to stuff you've been working on, a search that works, gadgets, and fun things to do with the mouse!

A windos 7 desktop

Clear windows you're not working on by shaking your mouse [video]

Drag and snap windows to maximize them or split the screen [video]

Personalizing the look of your computer [video]


Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials provides an easy, built-in method to provide protection against viruses and spyware. You'll want to make sure that scanning is set to happen regularly.

Built-in Screen capture

The Snipping Tool provides easy, flexible ways to take pictures of parts of your screen - even fugitive menus - and incorporate them into documents,, blogs, web pages. And it's kind of fun!

The snipping tool window

Demo video

Windows 7 web links

Custom Guide to Windows 7 [pdf]

A two-page guide to major features with a list of keyboard shortcuts. Packed with info!

Microsoft’s Windows 7 Videos
Guide to Microsoft's online video help.

Individual features: Videos

Windows 7 tutorials

A pretty complete set of videos introducing features of Windows 7 from the ground up. Check on new features or remind yourself how to do common operations like manipulating multiple windows, moving and copying files, and exploring your disks.


  • Tutorial 1 - Introduction to the Desktop
  • Tutorial 2 - Exploring the Start Menu
  • Tutorial 3 - Windows in Windows 7
  • Tutorial 4 - Navigating your personal folders
  • Tutorial 5 - Organizing files and folders using the context menu
  • Tutorial 6 - Working with multiple files and folders
  • Tutorial 7 - Using libraries
  • Tutorial 8 - Folder properties
  • Tutorial 9 - Folder options
  • Tutorial 10 - Using the Recycle Bin
  • Tutorial 11 - Advanced Start Menu options
  • Tutorial 12 - Exploring your computer with 'Computer'
  • Tutorial 13 - Taskbar jump lists and customization
  • Tutorial 14 - The Notification Area (System Tray)
  • Tutorial 15 - Search is everywhere in Windows 7 too
  • Tutorial 16 - The low down on User Account Controls in Windows 7
  • Tutorial 17 - Devices and Printers

Also: The new Calculator: Now handles scientific calculations.