The Lab for Faculty and Staff in Batmale 313 has Photoshop installed on all machines.

For help preparing images, esp. for the web:

Free or lowcost programs for image editing:

  • IrfanView (free download)- general image editor
  • Piknik (on the web, esp. good for resizing for the CMS).
  • JR Screen Ruler - for measuring digital objects


The TLC lab is equipped with headsets with microphones. Installed programs for editing sound including Audacity and Adobe Audition.

Insight(powered by Moodle) users may use the suite of Wimba Voice Tools.



The TLC does not have support for video editing. But we do have Edustream!
"” is a cost-effective, centralized resource for providing participating institutions with the video-on-demand capabilities they might not otherwise be prepared to implement or manage..." Read more

What can CCSF faculty do with Edustream?

  1. You can use (free of charge) video from Dallas Telelearning or Coast College.
  2. You can house video that you have created.

Some Popular Video Editors (no in-house support available for these):