Google Apps for CCSF Employees

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FAQ: CCSFmail and Google Apps

Why CCSFmail?

CCSFmail is part of a special edition of Google Apps - Education Edition. This bundle provides access to many useful tools for educators and students.  Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Forms, as well as Google sponsored CCSFmail can help you do your job better and communicate with your students. Try them! Watch for workshops on the TLC Workshop calendar.

Sign up for an Account

You must have a CCSF MS 365 account to apply for a CCSFmail (CCSF Gmail account).

Within 5-7 days after signing up for CCSFmail, you should receive an email in your 365 mailbox with information on logging in.

All registered students, credit and non-credit, now have CCSF Gmail accounts. Teachers' class lists now show these new Gmail addresses. It's important that Teachers and staff know about these accounts so that we can help the students use them. Here's what you need to know about CCSFmail (student Gmail at CCSF).

Faculty and Staff CCSFmail (Gmail) account logins look different than the student accounts.

  • If your name is Jane Doe and you work at CCSF, your account would be:
  • If your name is John (or Jane!) Doe and you are a student at CCSF, your account might look like this:

Here are Step-by-step login instructions for logging in [pdf]


Student CCSFmail

Students, both credit and non-credit, now get CCSFmail (Gmail accounts) upon registering. When faculty look up classlists online, you'll see thesse addresses.

Students get all official emails through these accounts, and you may want to use email to communicate with your classes - so it's important that you be able to answer questions about student remail. Here's what you need to know about student Gmail:

Reset your Employee CCSFmail Password

Forget your password? Please call Ana Soto at 239-3534. (Students may reset their own passwords in Web4)

To change your password:

  1. Click Settings (upper right)
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click Google Account Settings
  4. Then Change Password, and follow instructions for changing your password
  5. Don't forget to click the Change Password button when you've filled in all the fields or it won't take!



Create your CCSF instructional site using Google Sites. Check the TLC Calendar for upcoming training sessions.


CCSF Handouts and Tutorials

CAVEAT: One of the great features of Google Apps is innovation and new features. Unfortunately, that can mean that our documentation can be outdated at any time. Refer to Google Help below for the latest and most correct information.

Forward your CCSFmail to another Address

How to Set up Email Forwarding in CCSFmail. (website)

Once you have set up CCSFmail you may want to transfer addresses from GroupWise to your Google contacts. Then you can take advantage of Google’s name completion to type just a few letters of a first name to access the entire address.

Google Tutorials