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Faculty who wish to use CCSFmail (powered by Google), may apply for an account. Sign up on the MyCCSF page or go directly to the request form.

CCSF Network Account

The CCSF Windows Network
[What's a network? Check out the article, "An Educator's Guide to School Networks"]

When you login to your account, you get:

  • Safe storage: Any file that you save to either your desktop or your My Documents folder can only be accessed by you under your login on that computer. Of course, you have to log off when you leave a shared computer to keep  your data private. And the files are only available on that computer.
  • Access to your own network drive: In My Computer under network drives, you'll see a drive with your login name on it. This provides 100 MB of space on the server that you can access from any CCSF computer on the network. So, you can save files on your network drive at Chinatown, and call them up when you login at your desk on the SouthEast campus.

Logins and passwords

When you get an account on the CCSF Windows network, you can use your login on any Faculty or Staff computer at any of the networked CCSF campuses.

WiFi at CCSF

CCSF WiFi Account

There are many WiFi spots on campus. To use them, you'll need a CCSF WiFi account. For information on getting one, go to the WiFi Network page.



Telephone Voice Mail

All CCSF faculty and staff receive a telephone number and a voice mail box, even if you don't have an office! For information about getting a phone number, go to the Telephone System Information page.



CCSF Departments and programs will designate faculty and/or staff to work on their pages within the new CCSF website (CMS). View the TLC Calendar and register for a training workshop

Faculty may create personal instructional websites by:

Using Google Sites to create your personal Website at CCSF. CCSF templates are available. First, get a CCSF Google Account and then view the TLC Calendar for training options. Register for a class now




For a Banner account, (your supervisor will tell you if you need one of these), fill out, get the required signatures, and submit the ITS form entitled "Information Technology Services Request for Computer Account". For more information, click here.


Get your classlists from the web. (ITS no longer prints out your classlists.)

  1. Go to MyCCSF
  2. Choose Class Schedule Portal
  3. Log in using your CCSF ID. Follow the prompts.
  4. Choose the CRN for the classlist you need.

For help getting your classlist and emailing students from Office 365 or Google CCSFmail, contact the Help Desk.

If you are using a Windows computer on a networked campus, you can use an automated button to send email to your students along with getting your classlist.

Free and Discounted Educational Technology


Microsoft Suite (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) are available for FREE to CCSF employees and students. Employees will gain access through their office 365 accounts (click here for employee directions). Students will gain access through their accounts (click here for student directions). 

Additional discounted products are available for CCSF faculty, staff, and students through CollegeBuys. Software includes Microsoft products, Adobe, and more.


Educational discounts on Apple computers are available at the CCSF Bookstore. Discounts on Windows machines are available from Omnipro.