Batmale Hall

Frequently Asked Questions at the TLC

We are currently working on the new TLC site. Please see the old TLC FAQ page for more information.

  1. Where is the TLC Located?
  2. What accounts do I get as a CCSF employee? Where do I find out how to access them?
  3. How do I access my Classlists?
  4. How do I send email to my students?
  5. I need help! Whom do I contact?


  1. The TLC Lab for Faculty and Staff is located in room 313, Batmale Hall on the Ocean Campus. It is down a corridor off an exit from the lobby.
  2. Possible Accounts include:
    - A CCSF network account
    - An Office 365 email account CCSF network account
    - A CCSF Gmail account, with access to Google Docs, Calendar and Sites. For information and to apply for an account or to login, see the employee FAQ on the MyCCSF page.
    - A Web4 account (employee info and faculty services including online grading), a telephone voice mail account, a Moodle/Insight account (for faculty). Go to our Tech Directory page for more info.
  3. Getting your classlists: Available through Web4 (to reach Web4 from the CCSF Home page, click MyCCSF and then click the Web4 link). Step-by-step Handout [pdf]
  4. Emailing Students: Use your Office 365 account or your CCSF Gmail account.
  5. It really depends on the thing with which you need help. See this page for details.