Using Canvas


CCSF uses Canvas as its learning management system (LMS).  If you are interested in using an LMS at CCSF, Canvas is here! Most faculty start out by tech-enhancing a face-to-face class. 

What is a tech-enhanced class?
Faculty teaching a face-to-face credit class at CCSF have the opportunity to use Canvas to "tech-enhance" a class.  

A tech-enhanced class is not an online class. In order to teach an online class at CCSF faculty must participate in district mandated training. 

What are the benefits of using Canvas to tech-enhance a class?

Faculty are given a Canvas "shell" to use for each credit section they are assigned. Benefits of using Canvas include:

  • A centralized location to post materials such as a syllabus and course calendar. 
  • Canvas activities so that students can submit assignments and projects.
  • A place to take quizzes further encouraging a "flipped" classroom.
  • Rubrics and marking guides to grade assignments and projects.
  • A place to foster online class discussions that encourage participation from all students.
  • An integrated gradebook that provides students up-to-date and secure information about their class progress.
  • An email and message system to organize communication by class.

Are Students Automatically Loaded?
Yes! The class list is automatically loaded and updated twice a day on business days with adds and drops to match the Web4 classlist. 

Is there support?
Yes! The Educational Technology Department supports students and faculty in using Canvas. 

Both faculty and students are supported via a Canvas Help Menu including 24/7 phone help, searchable FAQ and Ask the Community.

Faculty can meet with another faculty member to discuss specific uses of Canvas as well as participate in specialized workshops on the pedagogical uses of an LMS. Faculty are enrolled CCSF Canvas Community and are part of the Canvas list-serv.

Ocean Campus- Batmale Hall, room 310.

Phone: (415) 239-3885

Hours: Monday - Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm

Friday, 9 am- 1 pm (Check in Batmale 311 or 312 if 310 is closed.)


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