How to Do Business with City College

Business Opportunities with City College of San Francisco

There are 3 main areas within City College that have Business Opportunities:

Office of Facilities Planning: construction, major renovations and remodeling (flooring, office cubicles, seating) Phone: 415-239-3055 Dept. does not maintain a bid list.

Buildings and Grounds: maintains a list of trades used for building repairs and maintenance, including painting, electrical, plumbing, elevator repair, beyond the scope of our employees. Requirements may include specific certifications, licenses, prevailing wages and insurance, depending on the job. Phone 415-239-3546

Purchasing: obtains goods, equipment and services for the District, including computers, printers, printing services, office supplies, paper, medical and safety equipment, athletic equipment, and the like. Phone 415-241-2268

To get on Purchasing’s bid list for supplies, please provide via mail your company’s contact information including email and fax number, a line sheet or catalog, and a copy of any certifications (small/disadvantaged/women-owned business). We regret we cannot accept walk-in visitors. Please note opportunities are dependent on funding and need. The District maintains bid lists for items frequently purchased. Opportunities are currently limited due to the State of California budget crisis. We are most interested in firms that offer a local presence, with Net 30 terms.

Products frequently bid: printing services (specialized), printer cartridges, office machines, paper, audio-visual equipment.

The District cannot outsource services that can be provided by union employees already on staff. For example, janitorial services, copying, and minor painting are performed by District employees.  

Informal bid opportunities (small quantities, amounts under $72,000) are announced via fax, email or phone to those on our bid list. Formal bid opportunities are announced via Public Bid Notice Advertisement in the San Francisco Examiner and/or on the Internet via the Bid and Contract Opportunities

Anticipated opportunities (as of March 2011):

Food and Beverage Services - MUB
Division: Purchasing  Date:  March 18 2011  RFP #045B
Location:  Ocean Campus    Estimated Contract Cost:   ??
Provide on-site, self-contained, quality food and beverage service inside campus building from 9 am to 2pm at a minimum. Contractor must possess all food certifications and permits. Use of Styrofoam and plastic is discouraged. 

Printing Spring 2012 Schedule
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: October 2011
Location: Various      Estimated Contract Cost:  $160,000
The purpose of this contract is to print the Spring  2011 class schedule. Schedule is 180 pages, 405,000 copies, saddled stitched, on a combination of book stock, gloss, and newsprint.  There is a significant bulk mail component to the job, and tight delivery deadlines. Award made based on cost, quality and experience with similar large jobs.  Contact Eric Brainard in Purchasing X2269 

Sports balls
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: June 2011
Location: Ocean Campus PE Department    Estimated Contract Cost:   $5,000
The purpose of this contract is to provide sports balls for the physical education department. Brands typically include Diamond, Spaulding, Wilson, and Tachikara.

Surplus Disposal

Division: Purchasing. Awarded: March, 2011

Printing Newspaper
Division: Purchasing  Date:  August  2011
Location: Phelan Campus Journalism Dept.   Estimated Contract Cost:   $12,000
The purpose of this contract is printing the college newspaper for the 2010/11 school year. Printer must be within 20 miles of Phelan campus to allow students to tour facility and learn about printing process.

Copy paper
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: July 2011
Location: 50 Phelan Avenue, Duplicating  Estimated Contract Cost:   $ 30,000
The purpose of this contract is to provide bulk purchase of 20# white duplicating papers, 8 ½ X 11 and 11 X17, for the Fall semester. Delivery to be made in multiple shipments, in trailers no more than 30ft. in length 

Misc. Duplicating papers
Division: Purchasing  Est Date: July 2011
Location: 50 Phelan Avenue, Duplicating
Estimated Contract Cost:   $ 12,000
The purpose of this contract is to provide colored 20# duplicating paper in sizes 8 ½ X 11 (approx. 200 cases), 8 ½ X 14, 11 X 17, and misc. specialty paper. Delivery to be made in multiple shipments, in trailers no more than 30ft. in length 

Moving Services, as needed
Division: Purchasing  Awarded March 2011
Location: Various Campuses    Estimated Contract Cost:   tbd
Split award: Crown, Corovan, Gallindo

Printing Magazine
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: June/July 2011
Location: Phelan Campus Journalism Dept.
Estimated Contract Cost:   tbd
Printing 2 issues of the award-winning college magazine for the 2011/12 school year, 1 in Fall and 1 in Spring. Some color on cover. Printer must be within 20 miles of Ocean campus to allow students to tour facility and learn about printing process.

Printing Continuing Ed Time Schedule
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: June 2011
Location: Ft. Mason Campus    Estimated Contract Cost:   $3,200
Printing Continuing Education time schedule for Fall 2011 semester, approx. 25,000 copies, 32 pages, self cover, on recycled paper. Some mail preparation possible. Dept. contact is Don S.

Laser Printers and Toner Cartridges
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: ongoing
Location: Various Campuses     Estimated Contract Cost:   varies
CCSF purchases various Hewlett Packer laser networked printers and related toners throughout the year, and seeks bidders. Submit line card and price list, if available, to Purchasing to be added to bidder’s list. Printers are typically purchased one at a time.

LCD Projector Systems and Installation
Division: Purchasing  Est. Date: Varies
Location: Various Campuses     Estimated Contract Cost:   tbd
CCSF purchases LCD data/video projectors throughout the school year to update labs and replace broken equipment.  In addition, typically there are 1-3 classrooms that require A/V design and installation, including projectors, splitters, amplifiers, speakers, controllers, and security equipment. Preferred brands: Eiki, Panasonic, Sharp. Submit line card and price list, if available, to be added to bidder’s list. Due to installation requirements, local area vendors are preferred. 

Hints for submitting a successful bid:
1. Be timely. Late bids cannot be considered. Do not wait until the date due to fax or send messengers.
2. Read the bid conditions. If the requirements area too daunting for you, conserve your energy for the next time.
3. Be responsive. Bid as specified. If you add qualifications or reservations to your bid, the bid may be considered non-responsive and be rejected.  

For Your Protection:
1. Watch out for promises of a contract: The College relies heavily on competitive bidding, so no department knows which bidder will receive an award until bids are opened and evaluated. This means no one can give assurances a vendor will receive a particular order until Purchasing makes an award, and funding is confirmed by the Board of Trustees.
2. Don’t start work without an authorized contract or purchase order.  If you begin work without the required authorization, you may not be paid or payments may be delayed.
3. Do not accept a faxed requisition as a purchase order. Requisitions are internal memos, not a contract. 
4. Be sure your liability insurance and business licenses are current.  Most contracts require proof of insurance and W-9 information be on file before beginning any work.

Payment questions:
For Purchase Orders: Shirley Tun, Accounts Payable 415-241-2296
For Term Purchase Agreements: Richard Xiong, Accounting 415-487-2468

Providing a District purchase order number provides fastest response.

Thank you for your interest in City College of San Francisco.

Recent Small/Local Awards

Construction Reprographic Services RFP #187    Term: up to 3 years
Award to: Ford Graphics       $5000 this PO
San Francisco

Plumbing Supplies RFQ #062      Term: one time purchase
Award to: Fluid Gauge Company      $16,000
San Francisco
LBE, State of CA SBE

Lamps and Cables RFQ#060          Term: one time purchase
Award to: JCX Expendables           $16,600
San Francisco

Paper Bid #056                           Term: one time purchase
Award to: Kelly Paper                   $7840
San Francisco

White Copy Paper Bid #034          Term: one time purchase
Award to: Kelly Paper                   $2080
San Francisco

Repair terra cotta tiles Bid #021     Term: one time purchase
Award to: Welch Construction,      $2365
San Francisco
Distributed to 3 San Francisco contractors 

Smart White Boards, Projectors with Installation RFI/P #017  Term: one time purchase
Award to: One Workplace (local dealer)     $10,266
Distributed to bid list for A/V. Considerations: warranty, green /environmental standards, training provided.

Community Monitor for Board JAD     Term: one year
Award to: Anders and Anders
San Francisco
Both respondents were Bay Area African-American Businesses.

Printing ETC Magazine Bid #050      Term: one year
Award to: Somerset Printing, Burlingame CA    $20,000
Distributed to 13 area printers: 6 no responses of which 3 were S/LBE 1 LBE no bid response, 6 responses received of which 4 were from M/L or WBE.  

Camera Equipment and Supplies Bid #045     Term: one time purchase
Award to: B&H, New York      $3800
Distributed to 5 vendors, including 2 local. No response from 1.

Financial Aid Postcard Printing and Mail Prep Bid #042   Term: one time purchase
Award to: Trend Offset, Los Alamitos, CA     $10,700
Distributed to 44 printers on bid list: 25 no responses of which 10 were LBE, 2 green businesses, 1 State of CA SBE. Responses from 1 LBE,  7 M/W/State of CA SBE, 2 union printers. 

First Aid Cabinet Service RFP #011             Term: up to 3 years
Award to: Safety Max, San Francsco           $10,000
Distributed to 10 vendors on bid list of which 2 were San Francisco based. 6 no responses, 1 no bid.