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Fall 2012 Highlights

Furniture for MUB and Chinatown/North Beach

Current highlights are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports and each year in our Program Review.

Pre-2014 highlights:

  • Fall 2012/Spring2013 -- Copier Survey Results -- College-wide January 2013 highlights
  • Fall 2011 -- MUB Student Lounge Selection (to students only)
  • Fall 2011 -- Chinatown/North Beach Library Survey (to faculty/staff)
  • Feb 2010 -- Classroom Furniture Selection -- View & Vote (to faculty/staff/students)
  • Dec 2010 -- MUB Cafe Selection Survey (to faculty/staff/students)
  • Fall 2008 -- Employee Satisfaction Survey (sent out by the Office of Research and Planning) (to faculty/staff) -- highest satisfaction rating within District Business Office
  • Oct 2007, Sept. 2005, Sept. 2003 -- Copier Satisfaction Survey (to faculty/staff)
  • Staff Development Participant Surveys (after each internal training) -- Example: Oct. 2011

Ongoing, regular assessments:

  • Personal and Online Surveys to assess vendor-purchasing relationships
  • Design and disseminate electronic and hard-copy training materials and come on site where necessary