Frequently Asked Questions

Departments may not order directly from vendors. All purchases require prior approval via a requisition/purchase order. Phone orders are not allowed.

There are reasons for this:

Anyone placing an order without following proper procedures may be held personally liable for any and all charges (Edu. Code). Public purchasing laws must be followed, as receives public funds. There are federal laws covering verbal contracts. Be careful what you say to salesmen. You may solicit information or quotes only. Your actions could result in illegal contracts or legal action. Leave it to the pros.

The Board of Trustees and Purchasing support the efforts of small, minority, disadvantaged and woman-owned businesses in . There are guidelines to assure equal access for these vendors. All businesses deserve an equal opportunity to do business with CCSF. For this reason, you cannot make commitments (orders) with vendors.

Any purchase, lease, or contract over $95,200 (amount changes yearly) must be competitively bid via publication in a general circulation paper for 2 weeks and/or via the web. If your purchase is near that amount, allow a minimum of one month for the process (Section 20651, Public Contract Code, CCSF AP 8.06a).

Any purchase between $5,000 and $95,200 will be informally bid. The lowest responsible bidder will receive the order. Allow at least one week for the process.

Do not fax a Requisition to a vendor. Do not write “PO” on a Requisition and place an order.

See the above.

Do not use Direct Payments. Period.

Direct Payment requests are appropriate only for repair emergencies. Office supplies etc. are not emergencies. Do not submit Direct Payments as final payments for TPAs.

The vendor wants payment in advance- what do I do?

Fill out a Requisition online, indicating “Prepay” in Terms and in the Description. Be sure to include any shipping charges and taxes in your request. Attach a proforma invoice or order form. If approved, a check will be sent directly to the vendor with the Purchase Order.

I saw a chair I like. Can I buy it and be reimbursed?

Generally, no. Petty Cash covers reimbursement to employees, but has a limit of $200 per month for related items. No equipment or stationary purchases are allowed. Don’t risk not being reimbursed. Also, CCSF gets discounts from many suppliers you may not be aware of.  Petty Cash receives lots of scrutiny.

I have an emergency…what do I do?

Get your Requisition to Purchasing ASAP. Enter it on-line, email quotes and bids to  or fax to 415-452-7656. Be sure to write requisition number on the quote. If the funds are available in the proper account and the item does not require a public bid process, we can help. We’ll fax or call the vendor for you. Be aware grant accounts have restrictions and take extra time.

I can get it at Costco or IKEA cheaper.

We’d love to use these companies but there are issues: they don’t accept purchase orders or 3rd party checks, they often don’t stock the same thing twice, the items are poorly made/not to commercial standards, merchandise doesn’t meet flammability standards, items are not ADA compliant, going there takes a teacher out of the classroom, the costs of special handling and related paperwork often exceed the “savings”, assembly and delivery cost extra or isn’t available at all, shopping there doesn’t support local get the idea. Part of the reason prices are a bit less is these firms don’t carry the over-head of a full-service provider. Products that would be fine for your home (office chairs used once a week) are not appropriate for the classroom (chairs used 10 hours a day).

When should I start to worry about a Requisition?

Generally, your Receiving order copy will be returned via Campus Mail within a week to 10 days for simple unrestricted purchases. Grant funds may take longer, as Accounting must first review and approve the encumbrance.  Due to current staffing challenges as well as new online requisition changes, all purchase and contract requests are reviewed by several parties before reaching Purchasing, adding weeks to the process. We hope this is a temporary situation, but one over which we have no control. Pre- planning and patience are appreciated.

If your request requires special handling (fund transfers, approvals, bidding, NSF condition) allow extra time. You can also check Banner, in “FOIDOCH”, by the requisition number. Note: Unfortunately Purchasing cannot proceed until fund transfers and NSF conditions are resolved. 

Who does what? Where do I start to find my paperwork?

Purchase orders for supplies, equipment and materials:

Orders under $5000, office supplies, Amazon                             David Delgado 415-452-7767

Orders $5,000 up, copiers, single computers                                Eric Brainard 415-452-7767

Orders for capital equipment, Facilities,

Maritza Rodriguez-Vivas 415-452-7769

Forms, order copies, general information                                     David Delgado 415-452-7767

Term Purchase Agreements, CTs:

Contract review and approval Jody Togonon 415-452-7767

Contract and MOU review, Steve Bruckman 415-452-5321

Construction contracts -open-     415-241-2244

Bonds, CT  -open-  415-241-2352


Travel, petty cash and mileage  Mary Anne Revola 415-487-2260

Purchase orders/TPAs                                                                       your grant accountant

General A/P Questions                                                                        Harry Lum 415-452-7457

Grant Accounting:   

(grant fund requisitions and payments are reviewed by the budget manager and grant accounting before being sent to Purchasing)

Nicki Pun 415-452-7654                

Jean Muslem   415-487-2401                                                         

Mai Thanh 415-241-2244

Vaishali Jogi, Principal Accountant, unrestricted funds    415-452-7650

Marilyn Weed, Principal Accountant     415-452-7655 

Li Liu  415-                                    

Clement Cheung, Controller   415-452-7652

Chief Finance Officer (policy):
Abdul Nasser   415-452-7454

Budgets/FOPALS/Argos Reports:

Chris Mongelli, Banner approval routing, budgets    415-452-7459 

What do you do with used laser printer cartridges?

CCSF recycles! HP cartridges may be returned to HP: inside the carton is a UPS return label. Tape used cartridge in original box, slap UPS return tag on it, and give to mail room for free shipment back to HP. Empties can also be returned to Office Depot-just give to driver. For inkjet cartridges, place in recycling bins, give to Bookstore, or return to Office Depot in the envelope provided.

We have old equipment no longer needed by our department.

If furniture, contact Carlita Martinez, District Recycling Coordinator for possible re-use. Otherwise, obtain Form #SFCCD-DBO 125 “Recommendation to Dispose of District Property” and fill it out. Depending on condition, it may be sold, traded, or destroyed. A Board resolution may be required for some items. Submitting the form starts the process. District property cannot be given away to employees or agencies without approval by the Board. Large amounts of surplus equipment may be sold at auction by one of two companies. Contact Purchasing for information on that process.

I saw a great deal on electronics in the Sunday paper!

CCSF discourages purchase of electronics from retail stores. Local retail stores (Costco, Video Only) and Internet firms generally do not accept district purchase orders. Consumer-grade electronics do not stand up to the demands of the classroom. Preferred CCSF vendors: Amazon,  CDW-G, Bretford, Troxell. Remember: tablets, iPods, and other items are property of the college.

If you’re spending $ on equipment, spend $ on security.

All A/V equipment and computers must be secured. There are a variety of carts and cabinets for A/V equipment for $99 up. Computers must be secured by lock down devices. Order security products when you order electronics. See D&D in the computer section for special prices on security devices ($25 up).

Don’t forget shipping/assembly charges on furniture and equipment!

Shipping charges only cover delivery to the truck tailgate. If you need assembly or equipment delivered inside or upstairs, there are additional charges. Ask the vendor when placing order! For example, deliveries to Chinatown/Northbeach and Downtown involve extra charges due to the lack of a loading dock and traffic congestion. If you order classroom furniture from Virco, delivery and assembly may be included. Virco will even remove the cartons when done. Note: the Facilities Dept. will not assemble furniture. Assembly must be ordered from an assembly company or mover offering those services for an additional charge.  

There is special pricing available by using various government contracts (WSCA, FCCC, PEPPM, C/C of San Francisco , educator discounts). Don’t waste your time looking for better deals. If you use a WSCA or C/C contract, the order does not need to be bid. See our Contract List.      

I have general questions. Try the Purchasing web site:

Vendor catalogs are available in Purchasing at 50 Frida Kahlo Way, SH118, San Francisco, California 94112.  Please stop by!