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Effective January 1, 2015

Most Classified Employees are covered by City College of San Francisco Sponsored Short-Term Disability (STD)/ Paid Family Leave (PFL) and Long Term Disability (LTD).

If the employee is in a classification eligible for coverage under the LTD/PFL/STD Program, she/he is eligible for benefits, assuming she/he meets all eligibility requirements. The employee is responsible for obtaining and processing the required benefit application forms and doctor's certification.

Employees applying for STD/PFL/LTD benefits should immediately contact the District’s Classified Payroll Office at 241-2273 to avoid payroll errors. Civil Service Commission Rule 120.24 Leaves of Absence, Use of Sick Leave with Pay Credits to Supplement State Disability Insurance, requires that sick leave be used to supplement STD/PFL/LTD benefits at the minimum rate in units of one hour. An employee wishing not to supplement or who wishes to supplement with compensatory time or vacation, must submit a written request on the appropriate form to the appointing officer or designee within seven (7) calendar days following the first date of absence.


Short Term Disability

Long Term Disability

Monthly Benefit

55% of Earning

60% of Earning

Eligibility Period



Waiting Period

7 Days

180 Days

Benefit Duration

180 Days

Soc. Sec. Retirement Age

Premium (% of Salary)



To claim benefits under this plan, please telephone the claims administrator at (800) 444-9995 FREE


SEIU - Self Insured Paid Family Leave


SEIU - Self-Insured Short Term Disability Plan


LTD Benefit Plan


To File A Claim

Classified Time-Off Request Form


Updated: June 12, 2015