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SLO Assessment Process

The Bursar's Office outcomes-assessment process is documented and described below.

Assessment results and progress are documented each semester in our Assessment Progress Reports with highlights each year in our Program Review.

General process currently followed:

  1. Data gathered in college-wide surveys (to faculty, staff, and students). In past has been given in person while students are standing in line as well as through email to ALL students (only students using Bursar's Office services would respond). These surveys are intended to be a regular part of the process.
  2. Gathered data are reviewed by Bursar and staff, analyzed, summarized, and studied for areas of improvement. Results are also shared with immediate supervisor.
  3. Improvements are implemented in as timely and effective a manner as possible. These improvements are then re-evaluated in the next survey cycle to ensure they are working and we are continuing to meet our goals.

Administrative Unit Outcomes

These programs areas are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised.

Students who receive services from us will be able to:

  • Promptly and efficiently receive financial-aid checks, reimbursements
  • Purchase parking permits

Faculty and staff who receive services from us will be able to:

  • Promptly and efficiently access and manage departmental accommodation funds
  • Access payroll schedules and other district forms

All who receive services from us will be able to:

  • Receive courteous assistance in troubleshooting issues
  • Promptly and efficiently pay tuition, bills, health-center service charges through wire transfers, 3rd-party billing, and more