The bookstore has several tools designed to assist faculty in adopting textbooks.



Textbooks may be adopted online using the Textbook Adoptions online link.  Once you register on thsi site you may adopt textbooks for the current term.  We will save your information for future use so you will begin building a library of materials to be readopted or referred to in future semesters.



Course Packs, Custom Materials, Your own textbook----

First tell the bookstore you plan to create a custom course pack for your course so they are prepared to help.  Taking this step makes the entire process work smoothly and assures on time arrival of your materials in the bookstore.

The bookstore partners with XanEdu Course Packs to offer the best services in making your customized printed course materials.  Create your own textbook or course pack including original and copyrighted materials. 

XanEdu will take your manuscript and determine what parts need copyright clearance and what parts do not.  They will obtain clearance and calculate the royalties needed.  They will send you a price quote telling you what the cost will be for your students including royalties. 

Based on that you may accept and approve or change the contents to suit your needs.  Finally they will provide an ISBN making it all official. 

For more information call or e-mail Rose Twyman at 415.239.3820. rtwyman@ccsf.edu.