City College has bookstores serving the Ocean Campus and most of the Centers.  Use this site to guide you to the services we offer.  CCSF Bookstores are owned by City College and are operated by the Follett Higher Education Group under a partnership agreement with City College.  The home page is



Required textbooks for each section of every course are listed in the course schedule.  The word "book" appears to the left of each course and section.  Use that link to see the list of required books, their prices, and availability to rent or buy.

You may also use a link on your WEB4 page to get a complte listing of all books for all your courses.

Or, if you prefer, use the shop on-line link to build your own complete booklist.

All three methods use the same database of textbook information and comply with section 133 of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, 2008



Many textbooks can be rented.  Look for your required textbooks using the course schedule or other link.  The books required for your course are listed next to your course and section.  Any book that can be rented will be identified with the rental price.


TEXTBOOK BUYBACK (Selling your used books)

The bookstore buys back used textbooks throughout the year at Ocean Campus.  The best time to sell your books is during the week of final exams.  Some of the bookstores at CCSF Centers will also buyback books during finals week.  Buyback policies and prices