Former CCSF Physics Students

Our diversity is worth mentioning, 42% were women and 36% did not identify in the two most populous groups of Asian (46% not including South East Asian) and Caucasian (18%). We are the premier entry opportunity in the San Francisco Bay Area for college physics classes. Our students continue on, becoming science educated citizens, transferring to four-year institutions, becoming doctors, scientists, engineers and medical professionals.

Larissa Nofi

Larissa Nofi transferred to UC Santa Cruz in Fall 2011 into the Astrophysics major.  She also was the recipient of the Supernova Program Scholarship.

"I had no idea what I wanted to study when I started going to City College.  I had taken some time off after high school and was unsure of what I wanted to do next.  Once at City College, I discovered astronomy, and from there, math and physics.  I was completely taken with all of these subjects.  The faculty at City College helped give me direction so I could go further with this new found passion.  Now I am very clear on where I want to go next and I am on my way there.  City College provided me with the opportunity to find what I was passionate about and how to pursue it."

Patrick Emelife

Patrick completed his City College experience working as a chemistry tutor for the chemistry department and NIH Science Scholars Program, Math and Chemistry tutor for the EOPS program, and aTeacher’s Assistant in the Physics Department. He earned an Associate of Science in Chemistry with highest honors before transferring to Stanford University where he earned his BA in Human Biology. Patrickc is currently enrolled in a MD program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

”Upon graduating from high school, I did not gain admission to a University of California. I heard that students attending community colleges could transfer to California public universities, so I decided to take this path to earn my bachelor’s degree. Those rejection letters fueled my determination to make the best of
my opportunity at CCSF. I was able to stay focused and earned a 4.0 GPA. I discovered that I enjoyed science and was able to participate in summer research via the NIH Science Scholars Program. CCSF has given me a rich and diverse learning experience, which has prepared me for my journey.”

Jamie Garcia

Jamie began at CCSF in 2003. During his first semester Jaime took a class called Physical Science was hooked into the idea of a science degree. He transferred to the Colorado School of Mines and majored in Petroleum Engineering. In November of 2010, an Australian oil and gas company, called Austin Exploration Limited, hired him to design a production plan for 50 wells in Kentucky. He was initially hired on
a consulting basis and eventually became the manager of the Kentucky business unit.

“From the moment I started taking classes at CCSF, I knew it was going to be a long term investment in my career. I always believed in my potentials and in the outstanding educational level CCSF posses, especially the Physics and the Chemistry departments. I was able to find great support from my professors in these two departments, and definitely the courses in these departments helped to train my brain in a critical
thinking manner. I will continue my education with a Master in Economics in 2011.”

Chun Wing Yeung

Chun Wing Yeung began his studies at CCSF in Spring 2004, and transferred to U.C. Berkeley in Fall 2006 to major
in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in U.C. Berkeley and
doing low power transistor research.

“I was given a chance to work as a Physics tutor and a Phys 4A grader in CCSF, and these experiences helped me to consolidate my Physics knowledge. The Physics knowledge acquired from CCSF not only helped me in my undergraduate work after I transferred, but it is equally important in my current research in device physics which requires Quantum Mechanics and Solid State Physics. I really appreciate the rich experience I had in the CCSF Physics department. Without this, I would have not been able to pursue this career as a scientist.”

Emily Fox

Emily Fox went to a high school that specialized in the arts, and didn’t have any science background before entering CCSF. She was married and working full-time, which made CCSF the ideal school to explore her career options. She spent five years at CCSF, where she worked in the biology storeroom and served as a biology mentor and organic
chemistry tutor. She was awarded the Edwin Gin Biotechnology Scholarship and the Victor Hoy Sen Chow Biology Scholarship, and also received a Center for Science Education and Engineering Education Fellowship that gave her the opportunity to conduct research at Lawrence Berkeley Lab. She transferred to UC Berkeley in 2006, where she majored in Molecular Environmental Biology. She entered graduate school at UC San Francisco in 2008, where she is currently working on a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology.

“CCSF was such a special place for me. Not only did I get a stellar education that fully prepared me for success in higher education, but I found science professors that were amazing mentors and role models. I also had opportunities for research and teaching experience, which allowed me to determine the right path for me, and enabled me to gain entry to the schools I was interested in. CCSF has a great reputation for a reason: it is a stepping stone to success.”

Yasuhiro Higashino

Yasuhiro came to City College from Japan. Yasuhiro is now a finalist for a math degree at the University of Leeds, UK.

“I was obliged to succeed my father’s business because of his fatal disease in my early twenties, and I have therefore been engaged in his business for a few decades in Japan. Yet my reading for spare time had only fuelled my desire
to study in a university. Thus I decided to come back to a university after quite a long interval. I started my study with a Summer session at UC Berkeley. Since I got such information that every community college was offering opportunity to transfer into any UC or other US universities, I applied to CCSF. It was almost the best choice since CCSF is particularly sophisticated to offer learning skills for students whose first language is not English and who came from considerably different cultural and educational background. During 5 semesters of my stay at CCSF, I completed all classes offered from the Philosophy department and classes of the highest level available at the Mathematics department. Now I’m experiencing a little homesick for atmosphere of City College, which is
unspeakably animated!”

Jack Love

“I graduated high school in 1998, attended UCSD for the 98/99 academic year, then left formal education until 2005. I was working in a restaurant and not really moving anywhere. I went back to school at CCSF. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I took classes in photography, engineering, printmaking, and AutoCAD. It was invaluable that CCSF allowed me to explore so many areas of interest. The areas were well-represented by competent and engaged faculty, and the courses were inexpensive. I started leaning toward the sciences. One day I chose mathematics as my field of study and have been pursuing it ever since. In May of 2010 I graduated from UC Berkeley with a BA in Pure Math. Currently I work in a wood shop where we specialize in fabricating mathematical models, where idealized Euclidean space meets harsh reality and production tolerances. I volunteer about 10 hours per week as a math tutor at the CCSF Learning Assistance Center. I really love the opportunity to engage with the students there; they are diverse and dedicated. Starting in January of 2011 I will be pursuing an MA in mathematics from San Francisco State University. After completing that program, I hope to return to City College of San Francisco as a member of the math faculty.