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Physics Department Fundraising

  • Open House/Fundraising Dinner go to
  • Save Classes
    • We can use money to save classes that would be cut from the schedue due to monetary constraints.
  • Remodel Facilities
    • Our large lecture halls – S100 + S136 – are in desperate need of remodeling for technological upgrades as well as replacing outdated desks, old ripped wall hangings, and other environmental requirements to ensure students get the best experience in the classroom.
    • Some of our lab facilities at the Ocean Campus have not been remodeled or updated in decades. We need to resolve this and ensure sufficient instructional equipment is available for all the students in the labs.
    • We would like to remodel existing space to provide a student study/activity/tutoring area adjacent to the physics department.
  • Supplies and Equipment
    • We can use money to augment our $7,000 yearly supplies and equipment budget, so that we can maintain the high level of education that students receive through our program.
    • We have deferred replacing much of our equipment. We are interested in a managed replacement plan for our computers, oscilloscopes, function generators, multi-meters and other high dollar items.
  • Create Student Opportunities
    • We would like to provide more internships, research opportunities, mentoring, scholarships, and sponsored lectures or field trips for students that are participating in our majors, physics club, mentoring program, and supplemental instruction.