Math SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

Assessment of the MATHEMATICS Department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) is documented and described below. Through this ongoing process of quality improvement, we hope to improve student success while maintaining and improving the relevance and intellectual rigor of our mathematics courses that help to prepare students for the next stage of their lives: be it further study or entry into a new career opportunity.

AS-T Degree Program Outcomes

The Associate in Science in Mathematics for Transfer degree is designed to provide students with sufficient understanding of mathematical concepts, skills, and applications to succeed in upper division coursework in mathematics at a four-year college or university.

Students who complete this degree are guaranteed acceptance to a California State University, but are not guaranteed acceptance to a particular CSU campus or major. Students who plan to transfer to any other college or university should consult that institution’s catalog for specific transfer requirements. 

Upon completion of the mathematics major, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate computational and conceptual proficiency in differential and integral calculus, both single and multi-variable.
  • Recognize and construct valid mathematical arguments.
  • Use appropriate concepts and techniques from calculus and post-calculus mathematics to solve applied problems.
  • Understand and apply rules of formal systems.

Curriculum Maps: AS-T Mathematics Degree PLOs

AS-T Mathematics PLO Assessment

Discipline Program Outcomes

Upon completion of courses in mathematics, students will be able to:

  • Construct, transform, and interrelate symbolic, graphical, numerical, and verbal representations of mathematical structures and patterns.
  • Read, interpret, communicate, and critique mathematical explanations.
  • Apply appropriate mathematical modeling methods and tools to solve problems in a clear and organized way.

Curriculum Maps: Mathematics PLOs

Mathematics Discipline PLO Assessment

Course Outcomes

Each Mathematics Department course is on a continuous cycle of course revision and SLO assessment. Course outlines are revised and SLOs are assessed at least once every six years, with some courses being reviewed more often.

The course titles below are linked to corresponding course outlines and SLO assessment reports.

Course Title
Assessment Stage
Most Recent Course Update Next Scheduled Assessment
MATH E1. Basic Mathematics (Individualized) 5 March 2010 Fall 2015
MATH E3 Basic Mathematics (Lecture/Group) 5 March 2010 Fall 2015
MATH S Elementary Algebra Workshop 3 April 2012 Course Inactive
MATH U Intermediate Algebra Workshop 3 March 2013
Course Inactive
MATH 30 Prealgebra with Basic Mathematics 4 April 2013 Fall 2016
MATH 35 Prealgebra 4 December 2011 Fall 2015
MATH 40 Elementary Algebra 5 December 2011 Fall 2016
MATH 45 Preparation for Statistics 4 October 2012
Fall 2014
MATH 50 Applied Geometry 5 December 2011 Fall 2014
MATH 55 Geometry 3 December 2011 Fall 2014
MATH 60 Intermediate Algebra 5 December 2011 Fall 2015
MATH 70 Math for Liberal Arts Students 4 November 2010 Fall 2014
MATH 75 Mathematical Analysis for Business 5 April 2014 Fall 2014
MATH 80 Probability and Statistics 5 December 2009 Fall 2016
MATH 90 Advanced Algebra 5 December 2009 Fall 2016
MATH 92 College Algebra 5 March 2013
Fall 2016
MATH 95 Trigonometry 5 March 2009 Fall 2016
MATH 97 Precalculus 3 April 2012 Fall 2014
MATH 100A Short Calculus I 5 March 2013
Fall 2016
MATH 100B Short Calculus II 3 March 2013
Fall 2016
MATH 110A Calculus I 5 April 2014 Fall 2016
MATH 110B Calculus II 5 April 2014 Fall 2016
MATH 110C Calculus III 5 March 2010 Fall 2014
MATH 115 Discrete Mathematics 3 February 2015 Fall 2014
MATH 120 Linear Algebra 4 November 2010 Fall 2015
MATH 125 Differential Equations 3 April 2014 Fall 2014
MATH 130 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 3 April 2012 Fall 2014