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SLO Assessment

SLO Assessment Process

Since 2006, the Engineering and Technology department has been at the forefront of assessing, documenting, and implementing changes via the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) process. The SLO process is an academic model of Total Quality Management, or TQM, a common practice in industry that finds roots in the early 1980's. By their very nature, engineers tend to be inherently interested in TQM and SLO, and our department takes pride in constantly working to assess and improve our students' learning. Our faculty have engaged in various stages of the SLO process, discussion of SLO methods, and dissemination of best practices. To learn more about Engineering and Technology's activites, please utilize the links below.

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Program Outcomes

Majors, certificates, and programs are on a regular cycle of review, during which outcomes are updated and revised. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.

Course Outcomes

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. For assessment details and timelines see links for progress reports in right side column.

Course title
BMET 250 -- Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation
BMET 252 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Surgical Equipment
BMET 253 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Medical Imaging Equipment
BMET 254 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Respiratory Equipment
BMET 255 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Anesthesia Equipment
BMET 256 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Medical Equipment Networking Overview
BMET 257 -- Biomedical Instrumentation-Cardiologic Equipment Monitoring
BTEC 5 -- Briefings in Biotechnology
BTEC 6 -- Basics of Cell Culture
BTEC 10 -- Research Skills for Career Opportunities in Biology
BTEC 12A -- GLP and GMP Principles
BTEC 12B -- GMP Compliance
BTEC 14A -- Biotechnology Laboratory Techniques
BTEC 14B -- Biotechnology Internship Support
BTEC 15 -- Organizaing a Scientific Conerence
BTEC 21A -- Mammalian Cell Culture
BTEC 21B -- Fluorescent Cell Technology
BTEC 21C -- Stem Cell Technology
BTEC 21D -- Stem Cell Technology Internship
BTEC 22 -- Immunoassay: ELISA
BTEC 23 -- Western Blotting Techniques
BTEC 24 -- Introduction to PCR
BTEC 25 -- Analytical PCR Technology
BTEC 93 -- Biotechnology Work Experience
BTEC 101 -- Fermentation and Protein Purification
BTEC 102 -- Bioreactor Technology
BTEC 103 -- Protein Purification
BTEC 107 -- Language Skills for Technicians
BTEC 108A -- Practical Mathematics I
BTEC 115 -- Recombinant DNA Biotechnology
BTEC 120 -- Molecular and Cell Biotechnology
BTEC 201 -- Introduction to Bioinformatics
BTEC 202 -- Advanced Bioinformatics and Genomics
BTEC 221 -- Biotech Process Instrumentation
BTEC 222 -- Biotech Calibration and Validation
BTEC 223 -- Introduction to Environmental Monitoring
CAD 180 -- Introduction to Technical Drawing
CAD 181 -- Intro to Computer Aided Drafting-CAD
CAD 182 -- Intermed Computer Aided Drafting-CAD II
CAD 183 -- Adv Computer Aided Drafting-3D Modeling
CAD 184 -- Structural CAD Drafting
CAD 187 -- HVAC/Pipe CAD Design
CAD 188 -- Adv Comp Aided Draf-Customizing and AutoLISP
CAD 190 -- Advanced Computer Aided Drafting-Introduction to SolidWorks
CAD 191 -- Adv Comp Aided Drafting-Rending & Animation
CAD 192 -- Adv Computer Aided Draf-CAD Based Multimedia
ELEC 101 -- Electronics 1: Electronics Measurements and Passive Circuits
ELEC 102A -- Electronics II: Basic Active Analog Circuits and Measurement
ELEC 102B -- Electronics II: Basic Digital Circuits and Measurements
ELEC 103A -- Electronics III, Intermediate Analog Circuits and Measurements
ELEC 103B -- Electronics III: Intermediate Digital Circuits and Measurements
ELEC 104A -- Electronics iV: Analog and Digital Communications Electronics
ELEC 104B -- Electronics iV: Micro-controller Interfacing
ELEC 211 -- Fiber Optic Technology
ELEC 221 -- Biotech Process Instrumentation
ENRG 3 -- Introduction to Alternative Energy
ENRG 3L -- Intro to Alternative Energy Laboratory
ENRG 130  -- Residential Energy and Effiiciency
ENRG 140 -- Principles in Environmental Control
ENRG 141 -- Blueprint Reading for HVACHVAC
ENRG 142 -- Codes and Standards for HVAC
ENRG 143 -- Motors and Drives in HVAC
ENRG 144 -- Fundamentals of Air Conditioning - Heating and Cooling
ENRG 145 -- HVAC Duct System Design
ENRG 146 -- Refrigeration Installation and Troubleshotting
ENRG 147 -- Energy Management and Efficiency in Einvironmental Control
ENGN 1A -- Measurements & Plane Surveying
ENGN 1B -- Plane Surveying
ENGN 10A -- Intro to Engin: The Profession
ENGN 10B -- Intro. to Engn: Software Tools & Deisng
ENGN 20 -- Introduction to Circuit Analysis
ENGN 20L -- Introduction to Circuit Analysis Laboratory
ENGN 24 -- Design Graphics
ENGN 36 -- Engineering Mechanics - Statics
ENGN 37 -- Engineering Mechanics - Dynamics
ENGN 38 -- Computers in Engineering
ENGN 45 -- Materials Science
ENGN 48L -- Introduction to Engineering & Technology Lab
ENGN 91 -- Applied Engineering Project
ENGN 99 -- Materials and Fabrication Shop
ET 50 -- Technical Mathematics
ET 51 -- Advanced Technical Mathematics
ET 86 -- Introduction to Computer-Adided Manufacturing-CAM I
ET 104 -- Introduction to Engineering Drawing & Manufacturing
ET 107 -- Language Skills for Technicians
ET 108A -- Practical Mathematics I
ET 108B -- Practical Mathematics II
ET 122S -- Lead in Construction, Supervisor/Contractor
ET 122W -- Lead in Construction, Worker
ET 135A -- Fundamentals of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
ET 135B -- Fundamentals of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
ET 135C -- Fundamentals of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration
ET 139A -- Engineered Plumbing Systems
ET 139B -- Engineered Plumbing Systems
ET 139C -- Engineered Plumbing Systems
GIS 110 -- Introduction to GIS
GIS 111 -- GIS Analysis and Modeling
GIS 112 -- GIS Software Technology
SUST 31 -- Introduction to Environmental Science
SUST 91 -- Applied Research in Sustainability
TECH 199X -- Technical Knowledge Synthesis
WELD 140 -- Manufacturing processes
WELD 144 -- Welding Processes
WELD 145 -- Intermediate Welding Processes
WELD 146 -- Manufacturing Blueprint Reading
WELD 147 -- Welding Inspection Technology
TIWE 9676 -- Combination Welding
TIWED 9677 -- Welding Gas/MIG/TIG/Pipe
TIWE 9680 -- Welding Blueprint Reading