MET / HVAC / Eng Plumb

MET Improvements to help optimize your MET studies!

We've made some signfiicant program improvements to both Engineered Plumbing Systems and HVAC, starting Fall 2016.

Note that

  • ET 130 and
  • CAD 187

are now common courses to both programs. All HVAC and Eng Plumb systems courses can be taken in any order, although the preferred and advised order is shown in the certificate descriptions below.

The course sequences have also been adjusted such that a student can complete either or both certificates in one school year!

Contact the department office for more info.

Engineered Plumbing Systems Certificate of Accomplishment

This certificate includes instruction in the design and sizing of a wide variety of plumbing systems and the application of basic fluid flow principles. These skills are necessary in the design of domestic water, rainwater, sanitary drainage, fire protection, fuel gas, compressed air, hydronic and steam heating systems. Students completing this certificate program will be qualified to work alongside engineers as a plumbing systems designer.

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Certificate of Accomp

The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) program at City College of San Francisco offers instruction, theory, and training in design and repair of HVACR equipment. The program combines theory with practical hands-on training designed to simulate the work environment and skills needed to excel in this challenging field. The program prepares students for employment in the field and provides an opportunity for currently employed personnel to achieve a level of HVACR certification.

Mechanical Engineering Technology AS Major

The Major in Mechanical Engineering Technology offers students specialized training for employment as engineering technicians engaged in research, design, operation, maintenance, testing, or sales. The major is designed to be a two-year course of study in which students work closely with Engineering and Engineering Technology faculty to develop the skills needed for work in various engineering related industries. Specialization options are offered from the second through the fourth semester. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, students receive the Associate in Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.