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BBC News (Mar 22, 2018)  Martian Geologic Formations Similar to Earth's (Mar 21, 2018) Newly Named Oceanic Zone Revealing an Abundance of New Species (Mar 20,2018) New Evidence for Plume Beneath Yellowstone

SF Gate (Mar 8, 2018) High Toxin Levels Lead to Bay Area Shellfish Warning

Daily Californian (Mar 1, 2018) Rock Moisture Aids Tree Survival During Drought (Feb 28, 2018) Developing Probiotics to Help Threatened Coral Reefs

National Geographic (Jan 28, 2018) 2017 Had the Warmest Oceans on Record

NY Times (Jan 21, 2018) Town in Path of Slow Motion Landslide Bracing For Disaster

NASA (Jan 19, 2018) 2017 Was the Second Hottest Global Surface on Record

Science (Jan 9, 2018) Hitchhiking Barnacles Could Reveal Migration Routes of Ancient Whales

LiveScience (Jan 5, 2018) Why Bomb Cyclone is So Darn Cold

Columbia University (Jan 3, 2018) National Climate Advisory Panel Revived

Science Daily (Dec 18, 2017) Microfossil Study Shows Lifeforms Were Diverse 3.45 Billion Years Ago

Science Daily (Dec 13, 2017) Finding Tipping Point of Magma that Determines Explosive Potential (Dec. 11, 2017) New Tongan Island Made of Tuff Stuff

LiveScience (Nov 30, 2017) Pterosaur Eggs Hold Preserved Embryos Inside

LiveScience (Nov 13, 2017) Dinosaur-Age Shark with 300 'Frilled' Teeth Caught

Science Daily (Oct 24, 2017) Corals Eat Plastic Because We've Made it Tasty (Oct 19, 2017) How to Trigger a Massive Earthquake

Las Vegas Review (Sep 20, 2017) Mexico Earthquake Causes Death ValleyTsunami (Aug 11, 2017) Fires in Greenland's Thawing Permafrost (Apr 5, 2017) Balloons of Lava Bubble into the Ocean (Oct 9, 2016) Huricane Matthew - From Haiti to Virginia (Aug 4, 2016) New Insights into North America’s Midcontinent Rift

Science Daily (Jan 15, 2016) Research Shows Mother-of-pearl is Formed from Nanoparticles

Reuters (Dec 12, 2015) Melting Glaciers Blamed for Slowing of Earth's Rotation

NY Times (Dec 2, 2015) The Marshall Islands Are Disappearing

SFGate (Nov 6, 2015) Recreational Dungeness Crab Season Postponed

GrindTV (Oct 29, 2015) Massive Crack in Earth Opens Up in Bighorn Mountains

LA Times (Oct 28, 2015) Extensive Flood Damage in Death Valley

Science Daily (July 21, 2015) Satellites Peer into Rock 50 Miles Beneath Tibetan Plateau

BBC (May 12, 2015) Napal Earthquake Kills Thousands

SF Gate (May 2, 2015) Volcanoes May Have Helped Asteroid Kill Dinosaurs

LiveScience (May 1, 2015) Underwater Volcano Showing Signs of  Erupting Off Oregon (Apr 30, 2015) Gravity Data Show that Antarctic Ice Sheet is Melting Increasingly Faster

SFGate (Apr, 16,2015) Necropsy Planned for a Sperm Whale in Pacifica

The Atlantic (Mar 3, 2015) Volcanic Eruption In Tonga Creates New Island

Siberian Times (Feb 23, 2015) Dozens of Mysterious Craters Opening Up in Siberia

BBC News (Feb 17, 2015) Limpet Teeth Determined to be Strongest Natural Material (Feb 5, 2015) Sea Slug Steals Genes from Algae for Photosynthesis

Slashgear (Feb 2,2015) Warm Ocean Water Brings Pink Sea Slugs to Northern California

Science Daily (Jan 16, 2015) NASA and NOAA find 2014 the warmest year in modern record

NY Times (Jan 16, 2015) Proactive Intervention Can Avert Marine Life Mass Extinction

SFGate (Dec 5, 2014) S.F. is Moving 42,000 Tons of Sand Down Ocean Beach

CBC News (Nov 17, 2014) Study links virus to Pacific coast sea star wasting

NASA (Nov 17, 2014) NASA Provides a Dramatic Worldwide Portrait of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide

Washington Post (Oct 27, 2014) Lava flows leading to Hawaii village evacuations

Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab News (Oct 21, 2014) Garnet material may be ideal for high-energy lithium batteries

UCSB News (Oct 19, 2014) Isotopes used to gain insight into the makeup of the planet’s hotspots

UC Berkeley News (Oct 14, 2014) Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

Press Democrat (Sept 8, 2014) Napa quake jumpstarts stream flows

SFGate (Sept 3, 2014) Journey of 15 Year Old UC Berkeley Junior  Starts with a Community College Geology Class (Aug 29, 2014) Watery Mantle May Be Accelerating Plate Movement

GrindTV (Aug 27, 2014) First Observations of Sliding Rocks on Racetrack Playa (Aug 24, 2014) Geology of the Napa Valley Earthquake

IRIS (Aug 24, 2014) West Napa Quake Presentation, West Napa Quake Seismic Wave Video


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