Fort Funston Field Trip -- Ocan 1L

Please review individual faculty pages to learn more about requirements, syllabi, etc. for individual courses.

We do our best to add students who show up on the first day of class, even if they are not officially registered. We consider only those students who have attended the first day of class in its entirety and are either on the wait list or have given their name and registration date to the instructor. Once we determine space available, we add students first in order of their appearance on the wait list, and then based on the registration priority of those who requested to add on the first day. We determine space available by the number of chairs in the room. Students who do not show up to class the first week, but are officially enrolled, can be dropped.

NOTE:  After the first day of class, we do not take adds. Most of our classes we overfill, knowing and anticipating that students will drop. We go out of our way to find space for those who show up on the first day with interest. After that, our priority is to the students who are already enrolled and making sure they get the resources they need from us, including our time, classroom space, and materials. Thank you for your understanding!