Transfer Information

City College of San Francisco is a good stepping stone towards getting a Bachelor's Degree. No matter what your major, you will be able to apply many of the CS courses taken here at City College towards your four-year degree.

We encorage all students who pursue an Associate Degree in Computer Science to transfer to a four-year school and earn a Bachelor Degree in CS as well.  If you are contemplating transferring to a four-year school, there are two important terms you will want to become familiar with:

  • Transfer typically refers to classes that you will be able to apply to general education or elective credits towards your four-year degree.
  • Articulation is stronger than transfer. If you take a City College course that is articulated with a course at CSU or UC, you will be able to use the City College course in place of the CSU or UC course. Articulation agreements vary from campus to campus and major to major. You can find out specific information about articulation agreements by visiting

As you look at the course descriptions you will see several designations:

  • Courses that have "CSU" listed satisfy the general education requirements for all campuses of the California State University
  • Courses that have "UC" listed are acceptable at all campuses of the University of California for elective credit;
  • Courses that have "CAN" listed have California Articulation Number System (CAN) numbers. These courses articulate with all of the CSU and UC systems that are members of CAN. See for details.

If you have any questions about which courses you should take, send email to the CS Department Chair, Craig Persiko, or visit