In the rapidly-changing field of Computer Science, we are constantly updating our curriculum.  We have monthly department meetings in which curriculum updates are always a topic.  Our curriculum changes are informed by our faculty's experience and research, industry contacts through TechSF and other programs, our annual Industry Advisory Committee meetings, and changes to curriculum standards such as the State's Transfer Model Curriculum, the ACM's curriculum guidelines. and industry-standard certifications such as the Red Hat Certified System Administrator.


For every course we teach every semester, and all our programs (certificates and degrees), we submit SLO reporting forms every semester in the standard CCSF SLO reporting system.  In addition, we have an SLO assessment form that some instructors complete.  A sample of the form is posted here.

All these forms contain the following sections:

1. Identify Learning Outcomes
2. Define Assessment Techniques
3. Perform Assessments
4. Analyze Assessment Results
5. Suggestions and Plans

These forms are stored in the department files and available for review as necessary. They are summarized and displayed in our annual Program Review documents, and highlights from Spring 2013 and before are archived on our Highlights web page.


These forms and the data are discussed amongst all faculty in department meetings and smaller group conversations -- about once per semester per course.