SLO Assessment and Curriculum Details

The COMPUTER SCIENCE department's Curriculum Details and Updates are listed below.  In addition ,the department's Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) assessment process is documented and described below. For more details, please contact the department chair, and view the rest of our department website.

Department SLO Assessment Process

Listed below are the Certificates and Courses that have been revised most recently.  Other than those new changes, you can find all of our department programs, services, and courses in the Catalog:

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Recent Program (Certificate) Revisions

Course Outcomes and Curriculum Details

Course outlines are on a regular cycle of review, during which class outcomes are updated and revised. See details below, with links to SLOs or course outlines with embedded SLOs and a timeline for advancing to next stage of assessment.

All of the courses we are currently teaching are being assessed for SLO's, and some changes are being implemented based on these assessments.

Course title Stage
CS 100. Introduction to Computer Science * *
CS 100M. Introduction to Computers Using Macintosh (CNIT)
CS 101. Intro to Information Systems 5 ongoing
CS 110A. Intro to Programming: C++ 5 ongoing
CS 110B. Programming Fundamentals: C++ 5 ongoing
CS 110C. Data Structures and Algorithms: C++ 5 ongoing
CS 111A. Intro to Programming: Java 5 ongoing
CS 111B. Programming Fundamentals: Java 5 ongoing
CS 111C. Data Structures and Algorithms: Java 5 ongoing
CS 112A. Intro to Visual Basic.NET 5 ongoing
CS 112B. Visual Basic.NET Object-Oriented 5 ongoing
CS 112D. Visual Basic.NET w/ Databases 3 1/15
CS 113A. Introduction to Perl Programming 5 ongoing
CS 114B. C# Programming
4 6/15
CS 130A. PHP Programming 3 1/15
CS 130B. Advanced PHP Programming 5 ongoing
CS 131A. Python Programming 5 ongoing
CS 132A. Ruby Programming 5 ongoing
CS 142. Programming Techniques for XML * *
CS 150A. SQL Server Databases 5 ongoing
CS 150P. SQL Server Programming Using T-SQL 5 ongoing
CS 151A. Oracle SQL Databases 5 ongoing
CS 151B. Oracle Database Administration 5 ongoing
CS 151P. Oracle PL/SQL Programming 3 6/15
CS 155A. MySQL Databases 5 ongoing
CS 155B. MySQL Database Administration 5 ongoing
CS 155P. Programming with MySQL 5 ongoing
CS 159A. Database Design and Modeling 3 1/15
CS 160A. Introduction to Unix/Linux 5 ongoing
CS 160B. Unix/Linux Shell Scripting 5 ongoing
CS 177. Software Engineering 5 ongoing
CS 178. QA, Build and Release Automation 1 1/15
CS 183A. Multimedia Tools * *
CS 183B. Flash Game Programming I * *
CS 183C. Advanced Multimedia Programming * *
CS 195. Web Site Development Practicum
3 6/15
CS 198. Industry Internship 4 6/15
CS 199. Independent Study * *
CS 211D. Android Programming 5 ongoing
CS 211E. Advanced Java: Enterprise 5 ongoing
CS 211G. Game Programming in Java * *
CS 211S. Advanced Java: Standard Edition 5 ongoing
CS 211V. Graphics Programming in Java * *
CS 212. iPhone Programming - Newly revised to use Swift 5 ongoing
CS 232. Ruby on Rails Development 3 6/15
CS 260A. Unix/Linux System Administration 5 ongoing
CS 260B. Linux Network Administration (formerly CNIT 270) 5 ongoing
CS 260P. Linux Administration Projects 5 ongoing
CS 261A. Unix/Linux Systems Programming * *
CS 267. Unix and Linux Security * *
CS 270. Computer Architecture with Assembly Language 5 ongoing
CS 280. Intro to Parallel Programming 3 6/15
CS 311D. Advanced Android Programming - New!
1 1/15
CNIT 271. Apache Web Server Introduction (moving to CS) 3 1/15